Meet Abby Hehemann, Director of Product Marketing at Email Marketing Platform: GetResponse

Tell Us About GetResponse


GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform that provides small businesses and solopreneurs with powerful and affordable tools to grow and engage with their audience and turn them into paying customers.

With over 25 years of expertise, customers choose GetResponse for its user-friendly solution, 24/7 multiple-language customer support, and powerful tools going beyond email marketing – AI-powered content creation, automation, list growth, and communication tools, as well as webinars and live chats to help businesses build their personal brand, sell their products and services, and build a community.


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How was the company established and what was the main idea behind it? 


In the late 90s, the digital world was rapidly evolving. The ability to instantly reach audiences, irrespective of their location or language, led to a surge new in tech startups. Yet there were major challenges – the solutions were often too complex and expensive, with many of them not optimized for small business owners.

That’s when our CEO and founder, Simon Grabowski, came up with an idea to make email marketing more accessible to people worldwide and help customers build, maintain, and convert their audience through emails. The initial idea was to create powerful and accessible autoresponders to save our SMB customers time and money, which would help them enhance and strengthen their sales.

With this vision in mind, GetResponse launched its first autoresponder and officially registered its domain in 1998, and that’s how the story of GetResponse began. 25 years later, we’ve transformed from a local Polish startup into a global email marketing and automation platform with a team of more than 370 people all over the world. 



How has GetResponse evolved over the years?


Over the span of more than two decades, we have evolved into a global leader in email and online marketing, offering a comprehensive suite of tools including email marketing, a website and landing page builder, marketing automation and conversion funnels, as well as paid ads and webinar solutions. We serve customers in more than 180 countries, with nearly half a million of them choosing us each day.

Expansion through the years has also included our ability to begin serving mid-market and enterprise organizations with custom email and marketing automation solutions with our GetResponse MAX enterprise offering. We are also proud to provide affiliate marketing services with the GetResponse affiliate and agency partner programs. 

In 2023 alone, we introduced several AI-powered tools, including our AI and Email Campaign Generators, first-of-their-kind, automated solutions created specifically to facilitate and speed up the whole marketing campaign creation process for marketers of any experience level. It has already demonstrated remarkable efficiency gains, reducing marketing campaign creation time by up to 90%. 


What can we hope to see from GetResponse in the future?


We are diving deeper into new AI-powered tools and more monetization features for our customers. Having successfully launched four AI-powered tools in 2023 and seeing the efficiency gains our customers are already achieving, we’ll be continuing down the path of providing our customers with the latest technologies that help them get better results (while saving time) with their marketing campaigns.

When it comes to new launches, we have a very exciting expansion of our product portfolio coming up very soon this year. We have ambitious plans in store, so stay tuned for the updates!