Meet Aidan Whytock, CEO and Founder at Digital Productivity Tool: Sharpen Notes

Sharpen Notes is a collaborative note-taking and productivity tool which has been launched as a Microsoft Teams app. It allows meeting attendees to make and share notes in real time without changing screens. When the meeting ends these notes are saved as a record which can be revisited or edited.

On top of that all the action items from the meeting are automatically synced to your tasks.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My lightbulb moment came from my work as an actor while trying to record myself practicing lines for a TV series and making notes on key moments in the script at the same time, but I soon realised that Sharpen Notes could benefit anyone in this new world of hybrid working.

Sharpen Notes is for everyone: whatever industry you’re in, or language you speak, it’s a practical solution to improve work life by ensuring that key points are not forgotten or missed when note-taking. Crucially, Sharpen Notes inspires teams to work more collaboratively and communicate in a more dynamic way throughout their video meetings.


How has the company evolved since it was an idea?

Sharpen Notes began as a standalone platform. Since then we realised how much value it would add to existing meeting platforms. I’m thrilled that Sharpen Notes is now available in Microsoft Teams. Not only that it will be available for Google Meet users later this year.

What can we hope to see from Sharpen Notes in the future?

We see Sharpen Notes as the note-taking tool of the future and can’t wait to hear what customers think of it.

We’ve been working closely with our users to find out what would make life even better for them and AI is a natural next step. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline on this.

We don’t believe AI can (or should) be doing everything so we’re developing a healthy working relationship between the two – watch this space.