Meet Aman Birdi, Founder & CEO at App Development Company: Digiruu

Aman Birdi

Digiruu is all about creating tech that is going to change the world. I started Digiruu to change the way apps are developed, built and presented to the world. We are fast becoming the app specialists to go to.

We’re always looking for entrepreneurs who are looking to change the world in some way, no matter how big or small: those who are changing the way we work out, changing the way we shop, changing our perspective of the world, having an impact on climate change etc. You have to have a vision for your business and it should be something you always strive for. We want to make a positive impact.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Back when I was in university, I had an idea for an app. This was at the time the App Store was absolutely booming. So I reached out to an agency to build it. It was a really simple numbers game. You’re given a target number, and you have to use whatever numbers we give you in the app to make up that number. For example, let’s say you had the numbers 50 and 2, and the target number was 100, you would have to do 50 * 2 to make up 100. Simple right, but it would increase in difficulty and complexity as you progress.

It took around 3-4 months to develop and when it was done, I released it into the App Store. Eventually, we reached number one in the App Store for the “Educational Games” category and the top 50 of all games in the UK App Store, ahead of established names such as Iron Man and Spiderman.

Then people wanted to know how I’d done it! Friends and family started to ask me – how do you build an app? What did you do? Who did you call? Whilst in my third year of university, I was helping friends and family to build their apps, some using freelancers and some using agencies; but it was at this point, I started to notice some trends or gaps, in the industry.

The first was cost, the second little gap I noticed was the quality of code, and thirdly with agencies and freelancers in general, the customer service sucked.

So having worked with some of the top freelance developers and app companies in the industry – learning the pros and cons of working with both, I decided that after finishing my degree I was going to launch my own app development agency.

I founded Digiruu with three key gaps addressed:

  • Our price range is right in the middle, £25,000 going up to £75,000 for custom app development
  • We offer the best possible product with the best code you would get from one of the top agencies in London
  • And finally, we offer THE BEST customer service we can possibly offer.



How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Digiruu exceeded my expectations massively during Covid. We were already prepared to work from home before the pandemic hit, with our team working remotely around the world. As a result of this, we were miles ahead of our competition when everyone was forced to work from home. Consequently, we were able to grow from a small team of 6 to 18 in just 9 months.

One of our biggest success stories during Covid was that we were approached by the highest-rated restaurant in Leighton Buzzard to make their food delivery app. It has been dubbed the best pizza ordering app customers have ever used – all leading to Amore turning into a multi-million-pound company during one of the toughest years ever. They are now opening up two further branches and expanding rapidly. The app has allowed the stakeholders to transform their business model and increase sales and revenue, while end-customers have deemed it the best pizza ordering app they’ve ever used.

What can we hope to see from Digiruu in the future?

We are looking forward to working with more and more amazing clients in incredible industries. From sports, to outer space, to fitness; we are working with them all and we can’t wait to see how those apps are received by the public.