Meet Amelia Sordell, Founder and CEO at Personal Branding Agency: Klowt

Amelia Sordell

I started Klowt in the middle of the global pandemic with just £1400 in my bank account and no plan b. I did it because I had built my own personal brand and as people began to ask me for tips and advice to grow theirs, I began sharing that information online – and my audience growth sky rocketed.

By sharing tips and tricks, I was filling a gap that was so glaringly obvious. So I set up a personal branding agency – Klowt.

I think personal branding is misunderstood. People think it’s an ego drive activity but actually it’s a strategic marketing imperative if you want to stand out. Because who doesn’t want to attract wonderful people, wins incredible clients?

Accelerating your businesses’ growth feels awesome! It feels great to be recognised as the authority in your space. Or the leader of choice. The company that all the other companies want to be.

That’s how all ‘branding’ should be.

But somewhere along the way, businesses and people lost their way, corporate jargon took over and everything got vanilla. Brands – both company and human have lost their personality. And marketing gurus and agencies just let it happen. So Klowt is a rebellion against that.

Against the sea of sameness that we see online – helping people tell their personal stories at scale. Helping people build communities and relationships with hundreds of thousands of people, organically. In short, Klowt builds entirely authentic personal brands online that help create the opportunities that leaders and businesses need to grow.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The thing that makes us unique is that the business came about to solve a problem I could see needed solving. I think all the best businesses do. It was organic, very fluid – I didn’t intentionally decide to launch an agency and then grow my audience around that.

I grew my audience by accident and then people ask me how they could pay me to help grow theirs. I’m a practitioner. I have my own personal brand and everything that we do for clients, I have already done and proved to be effective. I think that is something that a lot of agencies just don’t have.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We only launched in August 2020, and to be honest when we started I just wanted to pay my bills. Now, we’re a team of 9 have outgrown 2 offices and have 23 retained clients.

The growth has been crazy, but we’re not slowing down. I want Klowt to be synonymous with Personal Branding just like Apple is synonymous with Phones or Coca Cola is synonymous with Soda. And I won’t stop until we achieve that.

What can we hope to see from Klowt in the future?

As I said early, I am razor clear on where I want the business to be, and although I am very impatient in that endeavour I know we’ll get there. I want to be the go-to agency for everything personal branding. PR, Websites, Speaking Gigs, Social Media, Podcasts – the lot. We’re making advances across all of these and it doesn’t hurt that we work with incredible clients too.