Meet Andreas Olsen, CEO at VR Football App: Be Your Best

Tell us about Be Your Best


At Be Your Best we develop hyper-realistic VR simulations, to test and elevate the reactions and cognitive abilities of aspiring and professional football players. Through our AI-driven simulations, athletes assume the first-person perspective of a player on a pitch. As users play and scan their surroundings, they accrue points on their perception, awareness, and cognitive ability. Depending on progress, the difficulty of the levels will increase as each user advances.” 

Our platform provides players with a unique opportunity to learn kinetically by recreating scenarios they would face in real games. Players can train without any physical load, meaning they can stay sharp while recovering from an injury and train while travelling. Our platform allows any player to improve their reactions and cognitive skills on their own.


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How did you come up with the idea for the company?


Game intelligence is recognised as the hardest skill to master and is often what differentiates professionals from athletes with potential. Yet only a tiny percentage of athletes have access to resources to train and recreate game-like scenarios. We recognised a niche in the market and felt that the golden ticket to going pro was to provide players with the tools to train their cognitive abilities, hence Be Your Best was born.

This is what makes our company and our product unique, we are the only company that enables athletes to train in VR with a realistic match experience. The research teams we work with say that to train your game experience, you need to be exposed to an accurate game experience. We are the only company that provides this high level of training through our VR simulations. 



How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Well we only launched commercially in December of 2022, but we have seen rapid growth over the last year, with subscriber and revenue growth of 30% each month. We are now serving over 2,000 aspiring footballers and having reached $500k in recurring revenues in July, aim to pass $1m by the end of 2023.

Before 2022, Be Your Best’s roots were firmly entrenched in research. In our early days, we spent a lot of time together with researchers such as Geir Jordet (the Norwegian professor, who is one of the world’s leading researchers into psychology and elite football performance), to perfect our approach on how to best train Game Intelligence of footballers. We also spent a lot of time on product development with clubs and professional players, to perfect the product before the commercial launch.”


What can we hope to see from Be Your Best in the future?


Our vision for Be Your Best is for our technology to impact the way people train football positively. We think that the future of football (and other sports) will be highly affected by technology – how we train, assess players, make decisions on the pitch and the side lines, preparations for upcoming fixtures, and more.

We are already seeing how technology is being implemented to improve fan’s in-game experience and how coaches monitor players in training. At Be Your Best, we aim to become the vehicle that takes all footballers and clubs to the next paradigm of football training and performance.