Meet Andrew Boni, CEO at Cross-Channel Marketing Platform: Iterable

Iterable is a cross-channel platform that powers unified and memorable customer experiences. With Iterable, marketers can create, optimize, and measure every interaction taking place throughout the customer journey. Leading brands, like Zillow, DoorDash, Calm, and Box choose Iterable to build customer-centric experiences at scale by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Our company is headquartered in San Francisco, but we also have offices in New York, Denver and London. It’s always an exciting time for our team, but I’m thrilled that we will soon be expanding internationally – to Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America. We already have a role opened in Australia and New Zealand.
Phrasee - Iterable

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I was formally introduced to programmatic advertising and digital marketing while at Google, where, working closely with Google’s Online Partnerships team, I recognized that customer connection was a luxury afforded to larger organizations that had the financial resources and manpower to outbid and outmarket their smaller, emerging competitors.

I left Google because I wanted to build a tool that would make customer connection easier, more effective, and more authentic – benefitting both brand and consumer. The idea was to design a platform that would allow marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences at unprecedented speed and scale. And that’s exactly what we built! Iterable has a flexible, open and rapidly evolving architecture that is built for the new era of customer engagement.

Importantly, Iterable is accessible — we have a no-code interface, so marketers can execute cross-channel campaigns without heavy reliance on engineering or data science teams. To boil it down – Iterable allows marketers to ingest, analyze, deploy, and scale campaigns with confidence, so they can get back to doing what they do best — creating joyful experiences for consumers.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has been an incredibly potent forcing function for social, technological, and economic change. Some of these evolutions – like social distancing and digital acceleration – impacted our business and community more than others. With people at home, online, and on their devices more than ever before, consumer-facing companies needed to rethink customer engagement and experience.

For all businesses — essential or not — it was either “go digital” or “go dark”. Confronted with the challenge of digital transformation and connecting with consumers in a crowded e-commerce market, businesses needed help. So they turned to Iterable — a platform designed to ensure that businesses can connect with consumers in any circumstance. Powered by our technology and supported by our team, our customer community not only survived, but thrived during the pandemic.

What can we hope to see from Iterable in the future?

We will continue to work towards our vision to deliver joyful customer experiences for every organization in the world. Our core values — balance, growth mindset, trust, and humility — will continue to guide our growth and ensure that we continue to do business the right and responsible way.

Across the world, our teams are aligned on our vision, and committed to our value system. This alignment means we are able to move forward in lock-step, celebrate our achievements and successes together, and continue to innovate and execute!