Meet Andrew Ralich, CEO at oneZero: Trading Technology for Global Financial Markets

Andrew Ralich, CEO oneZero

oneZero has been a leading innovator in multi-asset class trading technology for over a decade. Our award-winning and powerful software encompasses the Hub, EcoSystem and Data Source – three components that separately solve specific organizational challenges and together provide a complete trading technology solution. Our solutions are used by clients around the globe to manage and route tens of millions of trades daily.

oneZero’s technology is secure, reliable and scalable. oneZero offers specialized versions of its Hubs for all of the audiences it serves: retail brokers, institutional brokers, banks and non-bank liquidity providers. Our solution not only offers price formation, distribution, risk management services and market access, but also quantitative trading analytics to a global client base of financial institutions and brokers. Through our reliable technology, oneZero empowers clients to take control of how their risk and orders are managed, and to thrive in today’s dynamic foreign exchange and OTC derivatives market.
oneZero – Trading Technology for Global Financial Markets

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

oneZero was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to serve the multi-asset trading community. We identified a gap in the scale of technology servicing the FX risk management and price aggregation market.

My co-founder Jesse Johnson and I are both engineers by background and have been able to apply our expertise in highly efficient parallel processing development (gleaned from experience in the video games industry), data storage and infrastructure optimization to the solutions we offer. We strive to maintain an unwavering technological focus. oneZero was created to develop technology that can scale with the growth of the market – we aren’t a liquidity provider; rather we are a technology company that enables a vast array of financial organizations to distribute and consume liquidity, allowing them to expand their businesses and grow.

At the core of our promise is powerful, neutral, end-to-end technology.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

As a company operating across the globe in a 24/5 market, efficient remote collaboration has always been an essential component of oneZero’s team and culture. The pandemic took us to a place where the entire company operated remotely, and I’m happy to say our processes, tools and infrastructure scaled to the challenge. I’m proud to say that not only did our solutions hold up to an evolving and volatile market, but that we were able to rise to the occasion and deliver new and innovative solutions over the past 18 months.

During the pandemic, we launched our Institutional Hub, a robust Software-as-a-Service and risk management platform used by a wide range of leading clients across the globe to manage their trading function. It was created specifically to meet the evolving needs of the demanding institutional market. The platform includes user-customizable, real time, high performance, advanced pricing and risk management functionality, market access and a full suite of analytic capabilities, as well as a comprehensive trading GUI. This enables institutional sales and trading managers to get to market quickly and focus on what sets them apart.

We also launched our algorithmic pricing module to run clients’ own native code on the same hardware as oneZero’s Institutional Hub, which allows them to fine-tune their price function in new ways. This reduces the latency between those algorithms, their clients and the marketplace at large.

What can we hope to see from oneZero in the future?

oneZero is committed to continual advancement. Just as the company allows its clients to quickly adapt to changes in the market, oneZero’s team of developers build and enhance features in line with the needs of the market. A particular focus at the moment is deeper connections between data analytics and real-time systems.

We want to further empower real-time decision-making with deep data analytics on historical data sets and will be rolling out solutions in the future that expand our capability in this area. We also plan to bring out new features that allow clients to truly understand the impact of their system configurations and to make changes accordingly. This is all part of our ongoing effort to give greater control to our clients.