Meet Andrey Yashunsky, Founder and Co-CEO at Technology Group: Prytek

Andrey Yashunsky

Prytek is a multinational technology group that builds deep technology and SaaS solutions. It works with and invests in businesses to develop technological ecosystems that cover an increasingly growing range of sectors including Financial Services and Cyber and Tech Education.

Prytek also delivers solutions through BOPaaS (Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service), a new market category that enables firms to lift out entire operations from companies and transfer them to Prytek with a long-term contract, in order to benefit from phenomenal cost and operational efficiencies.

It also enables organisations to foster new innovations by providing the tools required to create revolutionary new product capabilities. Prytek’s BOPaaS is a truly integrated service offering that uniquely combines technology-based managed services with advice and management from leading industry experts.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

In the world of constant change in technology, businesses are constantly battling to keep up to date with new technological solutions and operational efficiency. I founded Prytek in 2017 with a clear mission to design and build innovative technologies that will help firms to not only meet these new challenges and regulatory requirements, but to also allow them to fully take advantage of its capabilities.

Since 2017, Prytek has experienced exceptional growth and now works with more than 250 clients worldwide. Its team has expanded to more than 1200 employees across eight international offices including Singapore, UK, Israel, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia, India and Cyprus. I’m very proud of the team we have built so far.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Something we have all learnt during the pandemic is that data-driven businesses are the way forward as it is the only way of communication – especially in the ‘new normal’ that we have found ourselves in where people are mostly working from home and new staff is being onboarded virtually.

Building systems in order to automate as much as possible is essential in supporting the ability to grow quickly and efficiently. This has only reinforced my belief in Prytek as a business and that the service we are able to offer is needed now more than ever.

What can we hope to see from Prytek in the future?

At Prytek, we believe that tech-based managed services is the new frontier, and we expect to continue seeing this reflected in our year-on-year financial growth. We are continuously looking to expand into new areas of the market that could significantly benefit from BOPaaS and Prytek’s exceptional technology.

We are excited to share that we have several very high-profile acquisitions near completion and many more in the pipeline for 2021 alone. We look forward to sharing the news with you, and continuing to drive much-needed change in the world’s business sectors.