Meet Anthony and Matt Young, Brothers and Founders at Tyde: The First Completely Online Funeral Booking Platform

Anthony and Matt Young

We launched Tyde to modernise the funeral industry and are proud to say that it is the UK’s first completely online funeral booking platform. With Tyde, those planning a funeral can easily manage and customise the arrangements, entirely online, at an average saving of £1,700, with full transparency throughout the process. Surprisingly, this industry is one of the last touched by tech and we’re really excited to use technology to bring greater affordability and accessibility to customers.

Our research revealed that 29% of people found the experience of planning a funeral daunting, while 28% felt overwhelmed. Tyde will help alleviate these issues as our users can book a funeral online in the comfort of their own home, without hassle or pressure or the need to see someone in person. In addition, all paperwork is saved digitally in one place, removing any administrative burden at such a stressful time.

All Tyde users also have the option of creating a bespoke Tyde page with an online obituary where they can publish the details of the funeral and ask for donations, either to help cover the costs of the funeral or to donate to a charity of their choosing. This was something that we were really keen to have available, especially as funeral poverty is such a huge barrier and growing issue.

Tell us how you came up with the idea behind the company?

After speaking to close relatives who were planning a funeral, we were both genuinely shocked by how stressful and expensive the process was and how difficult it is for people to fit planning around day jobs, as funeral parlours traditionally run on inflexible 9-5 hours. This stress continued to mount for our family, as they discovered unexpected costs around every turn. This left us questioning why it wasn’t easier and more affordable for people to plan a funeral.

This inspired us to create Tyde. We just want to make a difficult experience that bit easier for people.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

There’s no question that the last year has shifted how we talk about and confront death, forcing individuals, providers, and policy-makers to think harder about a taboo subject., During this time, we’ve been able to really focus on perfecting the site, ensuring that it meets changing customer demands who are increasingly moving their lives online, all while making sure that it can be as smooth a process as possible.

Where do you see the future of Tyde going?

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of life from finance to buying cars, but until now the funeral industry has remained largely untouched by the digital revolution. By combining technology with transparency and affordability, we hope Tyde will change attitudes towards funerals for the first time in decades, and more importantly, lower costs and stress for those who have lost their loved ones.