Meet AppFollow’s CEO & Co-Founder: Anatoly Sharifulin

AppFollow helps product managers unlock insights from their app reviews. Used by over 100,000 mobile professionals, businesses around the globe turn to AppFollow to help grow their apps. From a single platform, users are able to share insights to drive business decisions across the app lifecycle. Our customers use AppFollow to:
● Monitor what customers are saying about their apps as well as their competitors’. They categorize and analyze feedback to drive roadmap improvements
● Engage users through replies to improve ratings and understand user sentiment
● Act on feedback combined with quantitative metrics, from within AppFollow, to improve visibility and increase users.
Our customers include Miro, Disney+, McDonalds, and Jamcity. We have customers from all industries and many countries. Although headquartered in Helsinki, we have a remote team currently residing in over 12 countries. This allows us to hire the best talent and is key for continuing to develop best-in-class products.
AppFollow - Reviews, News and Ratings

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

As someone working in the mobile space, I faced challenges around app reviews so I attempted to solve this problem. I entered a hackathon in 2014 and built a simple tool to gather reviews from the App Store. This turned out to be useful for other app developers and so the idea was born and the founding team established.

By 2016, we had created a product that supported all the main app stores and included integrations with key collaboration tools. As a group of mobile product people, we understand the daily challenges digital product teams face. To this day, we remain immersed in this world and strive to ensure our teams continue to build products that are useful and valuable to product teams every day.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Even as a remote business, we have missed the in-person team time that we would normally get. We’ve had to rethink how to bring the team together while remaining physically dispersed. There is no doubt this has proved challenging. However, by regularly checking the pulse of the organisation, we’ve been able to introduce improvements and will continue to do this after the pandemic.

Externally, we needed to keep an eye on what was happening in the market. With shifting consumer expectations, more businesses were re-thinking, for example, how they distribute their product or engage customers. According to McKinsey & Company, “digital offerings have leapfrogged seven years of progress in a matter of months.” For us this means changing customer demographics as traditional enterprises include mobile products in their portfolio and the number of digital-first businesses rise.

Given our mix of customers – from gaming to lift sharing to finance & banking, retail and more – it’s clear the space will continue growing and more attention paid to the contribution of businesses’ digital products (apps) if businesses wish to remain competitive.

What can we hope to see from AppFollow in the future?

We’ve got a lot more that we can do to help mobile product teams derive insights from their customers’ feedback. As a product person at heart, I want to help them build better products that users love and our products will continue to reflect this.