Meet Ardo Kaurit, Co-Founder at eBike Company: Ampler Bikes

Ampler is a light electric bike for everyone who seeks freedom and adventure in their daily routines and commutes. No heavy batteries, bulky screens or other clutter. We combine modern technology with a traditional bicycle design to make pedalling easier, lighter and faster.

Since 2016, Ampler has grown from a small bicycle startup into a committed e-bike company with a large international team and showrooms in Berlin, Cologne, Talinn and soon to open in Amsterdam and Zurich. Our lightweight e-bike models Curt, Stout and Stellar have won multiple awards and are being used every day by over 10,000 happy riders all over Europe.

Our team spirit, mission, values and production principles are still the same as on the early days of Ampler. All our bikes are designed with the highest attention to details and are hand-assembled in our factory in Tallinn, Estonia.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I was good friends with Hannes and Rait long before we founded Ampler together, but we had always shared a passion for two-wheelers – both bicycles and motorcycles. We built the first bikes mostly out of pure interest; we had never ridden an e-bike and it just felt cool to try it out!

E-bikes were quite a niche in Estonia at the time, so to get a product we found visually pleasing we were going to have to build something ourselves. After the first bikes were finished, we soon realized that they could actually be very attractive in the competitive market, so the idea of making them into something bigger started to become a reality.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

It has been a rollercoaster ride – from initial panic in the industry (and the world), to the social-distancing-bike-boom, to worldwide supply chain issues – it’s certainly been a crazy couple of years!

We did really well in 2020, and sales actually grew 88% in the first months out of the year. We saw demand for our bikes absolutely sky-rocket as people looked for new ways to get around without having to use public transport and put themselves at risk.

But as the pandemic really took hold, we of course ran into supply chain issues like every other company. The demand for the Ampler bikes has never gone away, but getting hold of all our parts became a real challenge.

What’s great now is that as things have started to return to normal, people are still just as keen to use e-bikes as a mode of transport, especially in cities. It’s not only about COVID now but of course making greener and more sustainable choices, too.

What can we hope to see from Ampler in the future?

We don’t expect to change our strategy soon – we are very committed to making commuting zero-emission, as well as fun. The focus will remain on building great, reliable, sustainable products and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

That means constantly pushing our limits on everything from developing better products, to widening our reach in Europe, expanding assembly capacity. and offering even better after-sales services.

You can also expect to see a lot more Ampler’s on the streets in 2022 and beyond!