Meet Arif Miah and Ala Uddin, Founders of Tech Startup: Beasy

Tell us about Beasy


Beasy makes running a business a walk in the park. We’re the one stop shop for sole traders and micro business owners to find all the business products and services they might need to run a smooth operation, tech-powered strategies and guides to supercharge their growth, and curated news to keep them on the pulse.


There’s 5.3m sole traders and micro businesses in the UK, and it’s no surprise that 92% say they struggle with managing their business – from admin, marketing, finance to growth. These business owners have to juggle multiple balls which stretches them for time, leading to them neglecting key aspects of their business.


The current business support found online often feels like a dense generic textbook—packed with information but hard to digest. At Beasy, we’re making everything business, easy.  We’ve developed technology that doesn’t just throw information your way but actually understands your business’s unique needs to personalise the support. From matching businesses with the right products and services, providing a customised repository of resources, and proactively curating strategies and tactics for business growth. We help business owners leapfrog the huge learning curve and eases business anxiety. 


Currently, micro business owners spend over 2 weeks a year on admin. Our product reduces the legwork by 90%, helping businesses improve performance, profitability, and growth.



How did you come up with the idea for the company? 


When we started our first company, we realised that the whole business experience in the early days is really confusing. Everything we read online felt like it’s in a foreign language full of jargon and we didn’t have a network to call on. We basically had to freestyle our way through every aspect of starting a business. 


We knew there had to be others experiencing this same struggle, and it turns out 4.9m others do. So Beasy was born. It’s the platform we wished we had when we started —a place that brings together simplicity, clarity, and practicality. And it’s not just a platform; it’s a business companion, breaking down complex business concepts into actionable, understandable steps to empower every entrepreneur.


What can we hope to see from Beasy in the future?


We’re set to become synonymous with small business. The same way Netflix has become synonymous with streaming or like Uber has become with ride hailing, Beasy is what people will first think of when starting or running a small operation. 


On the product roadmap, we’re building proprietary technology that integrates into business systems to streamline business decision making and admin. Using AI, we’ll  be able to provide real-time insights and observations to inform optimal business choices and automate cost saving measures to improve profitability. And through a conversational chat interface business owners can easily auto-generate business resources; everything from custom TikTok strategies to sending customers personalised invoices, all just a message away. This truly revolutionises the day to day running of a small business.   

Overall, our goal is to democratise business by challenging the perception that starting a company is daunting. By leveraging our own experiences and hurdles that we faced when we were first-time entrepreneurs, we want to support aspiring founders from all walks of life.