Meet Arnaud Creput, CEO at AdTech Company: Equativ

Equativ combines solutions from Smart AdServer, DynAdmic, LiquidM and Nowtilus, housing a suite of innovative technologies under one roof. We empower buyers and sellers to enhance their impact responsibly by providing vertically integrated tech for fuelling efficiency across each stage of the advertising process — while upholding robust consumer privacy and brand safety standards.

Covering an ad server, supply-side platform (SSP), buyer tools including DSP and media services, our offering gives advertisers, publishers, broadcasters, sales houses and data providers the ability to harness the perfect blend of advanced engineering and expert support.

Equativ - Fulfilling the promise of adtech

What do you think makes Equativ unique?

We strive to fulfill the promise of tech-assisted digital advertising: streamlined ad placement beside the right media at reasonable prices, through transparent marketplaces.

This vision has frequently been derailed by issues with opaque, complicated, and sometimes fraudulent practices, as well as dominant industry titans. Building our offering differently has ensured we have the key ingredients to make it a reality.

Resolutely independent with roots in Europe, Equativ places a strong emphasis on operating openly, fairly, and accountably. Our dedication to honest dealing and removing unnecessary convolution has created tools that facilitate more direct relationships across the supply chain, in addition to ensuring tools are easy and quick to master.

This allows us to better serve the public good by presenting a scaled alternative to monopolistic giants.

Even more crucially, harmonising market interests and adhering to ethical principles means we can deliver ads that drive value for all members of the ecosystem, including consumers.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years? Why the rebrand?

Changes in organisational structure and the decision to rebrand have gone hand-in-hand. After three significant acquisitions, we felt a new unified identity was needed to reflect our expanded and more comprehensive global stack.

While Smart AdServer was already among the biggest independent ad monetization tools, mergers with DynAdmic,LiquidM, and Nowtilus have established an integrated marketplace that enables the supply and demand side to make closer connections and leverage advanced capabilities; from first-party data activation to granular reporting and performance and spend optimisation for desktop, mobile and advanced TV.

The choice of name speaks to a shared culture that supports the open web and treats every client equally. In the past few years, terms such as ‘Tropicalisation’ have increasingly cropped up in advertising discussions as moves to simplify the tech landscape through consolidation grow. Linking values and approaches as well as tech is central to that. We wanted to help each of our 500 employees across 14 countries feel part of the collective business ethos.

What can we hope to see from Equativ in the future?

The mission to provide value-added solutions never ends. Aside from constantly working to create smarter algorithms that improve the precision of our analysis and data use, Equativ keeps a lookout for how we can address rising market needs. One of the core requirements right now is for neutral interoperable tech in the connected TV (CTV) and retail media spaces.

Although monetisation and advertising opportunities are fast-increasing, development can’t move far without independent and integrated ad serving and curation tools.

That’s why we recently invested in Nowtilus. Building from abilities obtained via DynAdmic, this partnership will further strengthen Equativ’s capacity to bolster transactional efficiency for CTV; with Nowtilus tech plugging into our vertically integrated platform, we can offer joint capabilities and efficiencies across header bidding, ad routing, ad break management and dynamic ad substitution — putting more control back into the hands of buyers and sellers.

In the longer term, preparing for the upcoming post-cookie era is obviously key. We’ll be forging ahead with efforts to build an alternative Id-Agnostic addressability platform, including contextual and semantic tools that maintain success for all sides of the market by enabling sustained ad yield, relevance, and revenue. As the “Tim Cook recession” takes hold, we only expect such solutions to become more crucial as larger volumes of spend flow away from walled gardens and towards the open web.


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