Meet Assaf Dotan, CEO at Green Agriculture Solutions Company: Grace Breeding

As a third-generation farmer, agriculture runs through my veins. My family implemented technologies that were used widely in their area and abroad, most notably Integrated Pest Management or IPM, a green approach towards pest management. In the late 80s, no one knew about IPM, and today 98 percent of the Arava Valley and Spain utilize the technology.

After 15 years at Adama, a leading global crop protection company, I wanted to focus on products farmers actually need and could compete with other products on the market, which led me to join Grace Breeding.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Grace Breeding has developed products for crop agriculture that are biologically based, providing efficient, natural, and environmental-friendly solutions for farmers.

Grace Breeding offers a more sustainable alternative to polluting fertilizers and has developed a plant-based formula that simply improves the absorption of nutrients from the soil, resulting in increased crop yields. Our objective is to help farmers improve their crop yields through viable and sustainable solutions that also protect the ecological integrity of the soil and the planet as a whole.


Can you explain two of your products, Nitrogen Fixation Technology(NFT) and Wide Defense System(WDS), and why they are significant?

Our two main products, Nitrogen Fixation Technology (NFT) and The Wide Defense System (WDS) are both biological-based fertilizers that have been proven to improve crop yield. The NFT improves grain yield by 18 percent and biomass by 16 percent and the WDS improves industrial tomato yield by an additional 17 percent.

The WDS is a formula that boosts the growth of the root system of tomatoes and improves nutrient absorption from the soil, improving the yield and extending the shelf life of the produce. At Grace Breeding, we aim to develop products that satisfy both the growing demand for increased food products to feed a growing global population and the demand for a healthy planet.

What can we hope to see from Grace Breeding in the future?

Going forward, I expect to see more farms adopt our products to boost their crop yields as well as the expansion of Grace Breeding’s R&D center. Growing our R&D center is like adding fuel to our engine.

With an expanded R&D center, we will be able to test our products on a wider range of crops and extend our impact. This will open doors for more collaborations and partnerships with farmers and agricultural institutions around the world.