Meet Attila Kecsmar, CEO at Loyalty Management Platform: Antavo

Attila Kecsmar

Antavo is a Loyalty Management Platform for enterprises, with clients from all across the globe, including Brewdog, BMW and the N Brown Group in the UK and global brands like Lagardère, the Benetton Group, Kathmandu and LuisaViaRoma – just to name a few. As an enterprise-ready loyalty provider, we have two guiding principles: innovation in technology, and thought leadership when it comes to strategy.

Our API-centric loyalty technology prioritises security and performance without sacrificing usability, thanks to its no-code nature that allows marketers to realise any reward or campaign idea they come up with. As for our thought leadership, we offer a great variety of trendsetting guides, articles, ebooks and product releases that help readers better understand what next-gen loyalty programs are truly about.
Pure-Play, No-Code Loyalty Platform | Antavo

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Antavo was founded in London by four Hungarian co-founders back in 2012. Initially, we started with a different product with a smaller scope, but didn’t take long to realise the potential of the loyalty industry, which proved to be a great match for us. After pivoting with the product in 2015 and fundraising, we managed to sign with one of the largest toy retailers in 4 countries. The success continued, as Antavo quickly reached the point of serving enterprise-level companies from all over the world, signing with globally recognised brands, such as BMW UK.

Our team has reflected this change in sentiment: for years, the team consisted of around 20-30 people, but as we transformed into an enterprise-focused company, the employee-count skyrocketed, and we’re now working with over 80 highly trained, professional team members, who are passionate about what we’re doing.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

2020 and 2021 have been important milestones in Antavo’s history. We approached the pandemic with caution, arranging immediate remote work for all of our employees – which remains an option even to this day. But as the months passed, global trends proved loyalty technology and loyalty marketing as important tools for retaining customers and maintaining engagement during the pandemic.

We signed with some of our biggest clients during this time period, and we helped them navigate the changing customer reality and build meaningful relationships. We achieved 3x growth in 2021 and increased our size from 40 to 80 people – a sign of continued success in the face of global challenges.

As a trendsetter in the loyalty industry, we’re putting heavy emphasis on innovative concepts, such as emotional loyalty, and engaging customers outside of the buying cycle. We also issue our annual industry deep-dive, the Global Customer Loyalty Report 2022. It’s a 65-page long document based on 320+ corporate survey answers, coupled with insights from industry experts and over 25 million user interactions from our own platform. It provides an in-depth look into how loyalty program priorities trends and challenges have changed after the pandemic.

What can we hope to see from Antavo in the future?

We plan to keep innovating, and reach new heights with our technology. We’re planning to grow the Antavo team across all time zones to serve our global clients even better, create a wide range of integrations with horizontal platforms, provide Antavo-approved certification for agencies, and even perform acquihires, if the right opportunity arises.