Meet Balthazar Theobald Brosseau, Founder at Memorabilia and Collectables Start Up: Club Legacyz

Club Legacyz is the first premium sports collectible platform embodied by the greatest athletes, sports legends and clubs. As a brand, we bring the fans closer to their favourite athletes through long-lasted and premium products, as well as unique experiences.

We make physical items because we want to set in stone the relationship between an athlete or a club and their community of fans. We collaborate directly with the best athletes and sports entities to create their range of limited edition premium collectibles.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Our founding members are from the posters generation, we grew up collecting and displaying the images of our sports idols on our bedroom walls. We are here to disrupt the sports collectibles market, which hasn’t moved in decades, since the market has been dominated by the same brands for such a long time.

We understand the times better than anyone and we feel that we bring creativity and a unique link between sport, culture, art, fashion and lifestyle. We are the present and the future of this incredible market as we’re creating a strong brand that will disrupt the world of sports collectibles. As a brand we see ourselves as creative, trendy, contemporary and inspiring.


How has the company evolved since its inception?

We closed our fundraising with super strategic partners a few months ago, including the likes of Patrick Mouratoglou, who was the coach for tennis legend Serena Williams – and Jean-Michel Granier, who was formerly Managing Director at adidas.

We’ve just launched our platform with five top European clubs: PSG, Man City, Benfica, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona. We have already launched great products and collections with some of the biggest sports entities in the world.


What can we hope to see from Club Legacyz in the future?

We are just getting started. What’s been released is just a tiny fraction of what we will release in the future. We will drop collaborations with Ballon d’or winners, world champions, NBA champions, and multi-Olympic champions. From now on, sports fans and collectors can count on us.