Meet Benjamin Kool, Co-Founder and CEO at Solutions 4 Delivery: Helping QSR Chains to Do Better Business

Benjamin Kool

At Solutions 4 Delivery (S4D), we deliver an omnichannel operating system for quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains. We help QSR chains to become data-driven e-commerce brands that serve and deliver food that their customers love. For that to happen, restaurant chains need a centralized scalable software solution and e-commerce expertise to attract and retain customers. That is why they partner up with us to become an e-commerce player.

On top of that, with our industry and e-commerce knowledge, we help restaurant headquarters’ with actionable data to optimize their product offering on their website and app. Our team analyzes user behavior to share best practices with our partners and we develop new features in a customer-centric way. We focus on improving conversion rate, average order value, and customer retention throughout all order channels that our partners use. In other words, we help QSR chains to do more and better business.
Solutions 4 Delivery disrupts Quick Service Restaurant Delivery via  innovative SAAS products using Google Maps Platform - LOCALYSE

What do you think makes your company unique?

Acting as a true partner of our customers is what sets us apart. That is also why we call them “partners”.

There are a lot of software companies that want to make the life of a restaurant easier, but their solutions are very fragmented. When restaurant chains partner up with us, we manage all the digital processes, and they can leverage our industry experience and knowledge.

Our clear focus on the digital order flow of restaurant chains and franchises lets us solve specific problems that headquarters face. As briefly mentioned, we offer what we like to call an “omnichannel operating system.” Restaurant chains often have multiple suppliers to set up their websites and apps and leverage third-party platforms. That adds up and creates too many different systems from too many suppliers. We solve this by partnering up and delivering one solution tailored to their needs without compromises.


How has S4D evolved over the last couple of years?

Originally the CEO of New York Pizza, Phillippe Vorst, sparked the idea to connect e-commerce and POS to offer an improved customer experience and to deliver their pizzas faster across the Netherlands. By now, this idea and more than we dreamt of has become S4D. While still focusing on QSR chains, we have broadened the product offering according to our partners’ menus and locations.

By now we call big brands like New York Pizza, Pizza Hut, Apache Pizza, and TelePizza our partners. Also, restaurant chains with different menu needs such as Bakker Bart in the Netherlands made the switch to our omnichannel system. In total, customers across 10+ countries make daily use of our partners’ online and in-store order channels that we continuously optimize.

Of course, we also keep developing our products. We see rising demand from customers for more transparency and autonomy. To guarantee end-to-end delivery status tracking and accurate ETAs for online customers, we developed our Driver App. For more autonomy, we launched a Self-Order Kiosk, which is a great way for partners to add a new and improved solution to an already existing offline order channel. Both innovations are already used by partners, and we see a big appetite for them.

What can we hope to see from S4D in the future?

We want to continue supporting the fastest-growing restaurant chains in Europe with our solutions, helping them do better and more efficient business. We want to deliver actionable data for our partners so they can always keep improving the customer experience. In 2025 we want to be the number one software solution for QSR chains in Europe, by processing an ever-increasing number of orders. Our promise to our partners is to help their QSR chains move to omnichannel to do better business.

At the end of the day, if our seamless order experience makes hungry customers happy, we make our partners happy, too. I would say, that’s a triple win.