Meet Cem Savas, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Estate Tech Platform: Plentific

Tell us about Plentific

Plentific is a real estate technology platform that is pioneering real-time property solutions. We’re a business with a mission – we want to completely reshape how the property sector manages housing portfolios. We founded the company because we could see that the property industry was slow to change, needed to move faster to stay aligned with resident needs and wasn’t leveraging the benefits of technology in their operations. Since then, we’ve enjoyed huge success and our platform now supports over 1.5 million properties across the UK, US and Germany.


What makes Plentific unique?

Our commitment to developing a way of operating properties where everybody wins. We are making life easier for our clients by enabling them to operate in a more efficient way – whether that’s enabling their in-house team to work more smoothly together, facilitating better ways of working with existing contractors or by giving them access to smaller contractors.

We’re giving opportunities to contractors by connecting them with large operators, which is also leading to our clients having more access to and utilising local talent. And we’re making residents’ lives better by ensuring their homes get the repairs and maintenance they need.


How has Plentific evolved over the last couple of years?

When our story started, we were focused only on the UK and primarily on the social housing sector with our platform offering. Since then, we’ve significantly expanded our product offering, are targeting new sub-sectors within the property industry (for example private landlords) and are now an international business with operations in the UK, US and Germany. I’m particularly proud of the client list we’ve built, working with major names such as Aroundtown, L&Q, Peabody, Notting Hill Genesis, Savills and Knight Frank.

What can we hope to see from Plentific in the future?

We have huge ambitions and feel like we are really at the beginning of our work. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made but when you look at the total addressable market across the UK, US and Germany alone then you can see the potential for our business. For us to succeed, we need to keep developing great products. One area we are particularly focused on right now is on Automations and the use of AI – our platform is data-driven and we think over the long-term this gives us the opportunity to use AI to fully automate property maintenance. We’re already rolling out AI products to our clients and have a number of features in development that we think have the potential to be game changers.