Meet Chris Priebe, Founder & CEO of HR Automation System: Zelt

Zelt provides companies with a platform from which they can run and automate HR, IT and financial operations across their workforce in a single system.



Why Did You Start Your Company, And What Inspired You To Do So?


As a former private equity investor, I could see first hand the value that efficient and more automated digital back-office systems can unlock for an organisation. However, most companies are using inadequate systems and processes, which is slowing down agility and growth – and ultimately risk the success of the company. So, we’re helping companies unlock that value.


What Problem Does Your Company Solve, And For Whom?


Until now, companies needed to piece together a number of different tools in order to just run basic people operations – due to the limited scope of the tools available to them. This made it difficult for them to take a holistic approach, let alone facilitate automation and self-service options.

With Zelt, companies can have a marketing leading  HR software and Payroll software both in the same platform without having to compromise on features or product quality, which removes the need of constant data transfer between systems.

This saves time for HR & finance admins, as well as for employees and line managers, and improves overall data security and governance.


How Has The Fintech Landscape Changed In The Last Few Years?


Previously, many fintechs were built on the business model of growth with slim margins and high customer acquisition costs. As the sector matured, these models faced sustainability challenges, causing investors to shift their focus to areas with greater stability and profitability potential.


What Do You Believe The Biggest Challenges In The Next Five Years In Fintech Will Be?


Many fintechs rely on regulated infrastructure providers to develop bundled products. Much like numerous AI companies, they are dependent on the IP of these suppliers, putting them at risk of being marginalised in value creation. In the past, investors were more likely to overlook these risks than they are now.