Meet Chris Williams, Founder and CEO of ISB Global

Tell us about ISB Global

Founded in 1999, ISB Global is a UK-headquartered company that designs and delivers innovative software for environmental, waste management and recycling businesses to automatically track, measure, report and analyse their waste and recyclable materials from end to end.

Our flagship product, Waste & Recycling One (WR1), is designed to meet the growing waste management sector’s specific needs and drive industry-wide improvements in the sustainable management of waste.


What Do You Think Makes This Company Unique?

ISB Global is a purpose-driven company at its core, and our mission is to provide greater productivity for organisations who operate in the waste, recycling, clean energy and environmental sector. We’re committed to delivering efficient operations that contribute positively to the environment and changing economy.

With over 20 years’ experience in developing software solutions for waste and recycling companies, we stand out because we’re a one-stop shop for a fully integrated software solution. We deliver the entire technology stack, removing the need for multiple vendors and multiple solutions.


How Has The Company Evolved Over The Last Couple of Years?

In 2019 we secured our first large-scale US waste haulage and recycling company customer and embarked on a very ambitious project to re-write our existing software onto a new Low Code platform, to give us scale, security and exceptional user experience.

The project has set us apart from our core competitors, who continue to re-design and de-develop their legacy systems. This adds technical debt to their products, disrupting their support organisations and frustrating their customers.

We’ve invested over £15 million in the redevelopment, with the major launch of the application for Rumpke and WastePro USA coming later this year.

Other milestones include increasing our personnel by 350 percent (from 30 to 130) and our revenue from £2 million to £8 million from 2018 to 2023, with forecasted revenue growth of 20 percent year on year. We’ve also expanded to locations in Cape Town, North America and Portugal, and opened a centre of excellence in Lahore, Pakistan.

What can we hope to see from ISB Global in the future?

We are committed to making a significant difference in how the world deals with waste and our mission remains to deliver greater productivity for waste management companies and waste producers.
When processing waste and sending materials to recycling plants, secondary markets or to reuse opportunities, companies must have the systems in place to manage this effectively and meet legislative requirements.

That’s our focus at ISB Global, and it’s why we’ve developed WR1, our unique technology solution that replaces outdated legacy systems by creating a single, central source for data and processes. Through our software, we empower our clients to be a part of the circular economy whilst enabling their businesses to become more efficient, cleaner, greener, and more profitable.

Moving forward, we hope WR1 will continue to help waste companies and waste producers manage waste in the most environmentally safe, operationally efficient and cost-effective way possible while playing a leading role in the global waste industry’s important next chapter.