Meet Clement Aglietta, CEO and Co-Founder at Collaborative Tool For Professional Investors: Edda

Edda is a collaborative tool for professional investors that allows you to see the true value of your investments and the impact they create, in real time. Edda combines dealflow, portfolio, LPs and business community management into one product, offering a unique solution for professional investors.

Edda also partners with multiple data sources including Crunchbase and Pitchbook as well as enabling private data to be uploaded by all types of users, to create a rich data set. Recently Edda has closed $5.8M in funding from investors including Mucker Capital, Plug&Play, FJ Labs, Tony Fadell’s Future Shape – the fund founded by iPhone inventor – and angel investor, Arnaud Bonzom.
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What do you think makes this company unique?

At Edda, we want our team to reflect the diversity of our clients. That’s why we’ve put a big emphasis on our company culture. Edda has an international team of 26 people, from ten different countries. The team also has a rich mix of professional backgrounds, including private equity, financial services, drone technology creation and ecommerce. This unique blend of skills and geography at Edda means we are agile and ahead of the curve in the competitive private markets landscape.

Edda’s software also provides a platform for everyone and covers all functions, which brings significant efficiencies. Additionally, LPs want to see the difference their money is making and investors want to be known for their investment focus and ability to deliver in that space. Edda enables the ecosystem to see this clearly, providing transparency – it is a methodology to resolve problems and highlight opportunities.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

My team and I built Edda because the only tools that existed to help private investors keep track of their investments were based on old technology and were not properly integrated with other services, such as Crunchbase and Pitchbook. So, we decided to build the software that investors would want to use everyday.

A place that centralises all the information they need and helps them to see the bigger picture and feel the impact of their job on the world. We have also recently launched the Edda app so that investors can stay up to date when they’re on the move. Our tool is currently used by over 100 clients across more than 25 countries, bringing the entire investment process together, unifying your team and operations to make the most of your work.

What can we hope to see from Edda in the future?

Edda’s mission is to help build a better place for us all to live. If we want to change the world, we need to make sure that investors see their impact and invest in companies that do just that. That’s why we are working on features that automatically display important KPIs and raise awareness of pressing real world issues such as the impact of climate change and diversity inclusion and their influence on the private markets. It’s a big challenge but being part of the conversation is imperative to affecting change.

With the Open Cap Table Coalition, Edda is contributing to the creation of an open source capitalisation table format that aims to improve the interoperability, transparency and data portability of startup capitalization tables. A year ago, we started working on a tool to help create interoperability, transparency and data portability in ESG standards – starting by rebranding ESG to something close to impact value of money / investment.

There is a growing dialogue around how investment firms are using ESG as a wedge to reposition themselves in a $2.3 billion market that’s growing at +50% a YoY. Now, more than ever, is the time for an interoperable and transparent measure of investment impact. Edda is at the forefront of this mission hoping to bring this tool to the market in the near future.