Meet Colin Gray, Founder and Managing Director at Podcast Experts: The Podcast Host

Colin Gray

We’re a Podcasting company, aiming to help anyone get their voice out into the world. We create highly-researched, highly-useful content to help podcasters progress and stay up to date with the industry. We’ve been publishing Podcast how-to content at since 2010, and serve over 2 million people a year. It’s all free to access, and includes hundreds of blog posts, podcast episodes and YouTube videos. On top of that, we offer in-depth online courses and live coaching, which is available within our subscription space: the Podcast Host Academy.

In 2018 we launched Alitu, a Podcast Maker web-app. Our app takes the tech out of podcasting; automating audio cleanup, adding music, piecing together your clips and adding fades and transitions. It also offers call recording, editing and publishing tools. Really, Alitu is a full-package that helps people create their podcast in less time, with less stress.

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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

There was no single light-bulb moment, to be honest! It was an evolution over 10+ years. I started out in Learning Technology at an Edinburgh Uni. I was asked to look into Podcasting and promptly fell in love with the medium.

I couldn’t help starting a podcast myself, and wrote everything about the process. That attracted a good audience, and the affiliate income allowed me to go full-time about four years later. I started hiring, developed the education business, and then the idea for Alitu popped up. It was the sheer volume of readers asking for help with audio editing & production that proved demand, so I took on a developer and started building prototypes.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We were in a fortunate position where our usage rose dramatically during the pandemic. People had more time for hobbies and side projects. Businesses had to figure out how to reach their audience and connect with their employees.

That all generated countless aspiring podcasters. We managed to double our team, accelerate our content and release a range of new features for podcasters inside Alitu.

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

We’re thinking big, looking to take on the giants of the podcasting world. We’ll continue to evolve our world-class editing platform, and our call and solo recording tools. But, we’ll pair that with experiments in monetising podcasts to help creators earn from their shows. In the next few months we’re launching a series of ground breaking new tools and user experiences, over a year in the making, which will be a true game changer for us and the podcasting world.

With The Podcast Host, we want to keep on publishing the best podcasting content and education on the web, and continue to be a force for good in the space! Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement in the Spring as we will give one (aspiring) podcaster the chance of a lifetime!