Meet Daniel Knightley, Founder and CEO at Epic Oats

Daniel CEO

Epic Oats is a new instant-oat pot range in the UK. It is the healthiest oat pot on the market and the only one of its kind to have a top-hat containing a delicious crunchy granola topping. Epic Oats comes in a trio of flavours inspired by quintessential British desserts; Cherry Bakewell, Apple Crumble and Original.

Epic Oats has been created for people who want a filling and nutritious snack whether that’s for breakfast or a post-workout. Each Epic Oat pot is gluten free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan friendly and high in fibre and protein (around 14g per pot!). The pots are also fully recyclable. We are also the only oat pot to be 100% HFSS approved, down by almost 70% less sugar compared to our competitors with no more than 5g of sugar per pot.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Working as an airline pilot, I was travelling frequently and I came to realise how little choice there was for the health conscious consumer when it came to choosing food when on-the-go. I have always had an interest in food, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, so when the lockdown hit, I knew it was the time to take my idea and develop it into something tangible, which is where Epic Oats began.

When it came to developing the product, I was also aware of creating a product that was transparent in its ingredients and not pretending to be something it’s not. Big food companies can be guilty of feeding consumers a bit of a lie when it comes to how they position their products. With cereals and snack bars piling on the sugar and additives, all whilst portraying themselves to be healthy, I wanted to create a challenger brand that could offer something that was genuinely nutritious, whilst also being anything but boring.

I think it is important that there are more products out there which cater to people who prioritise their health and nutrition and I think Epic Oats does exactly that. Epic Oats means what it says; it’s oats but in their best form: nutritionally dense, high in protein, gluten free, low sugar and vegan.

Epic Oats brings together naturally innovative ingredients; pea protein, date sugar, tapioca starch, chickpea flour and more and I’m proud to say that this quintessentially British product is the healthiest oat pot on the market.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Two years ago we were just an idea. Fast forward to now, we are a brand that is paving the way for healthier convenience products. Two years of product development saw a lot of refinement of my idea and working with food manufacturing experts and consultants, together they really helped to shape my vision and get us to where we are today.

A lot of work went into finding the right ingredients for Epic Oats; the granola in each Epic Oats flavour is completely distinct, formulated in a way for optimum sensory enjoyment. I wanted to create almost like a ‘deconstructed dessert’ but in a healthy form, with flavours that were nostalgic and deliciously aromatic. But of course, creating a product with such low sugar and no hidden secrets, was never going to be easy.

When it came to manufacturing, we realised a custom made machine would be needed to create and design the top-hat compartment for the granola. After many trips back and forth to the drawing room, Epic Oats really started to come to life. We have managed to secure our product to be stocked in Huckletree co-working offices, Amazon and we are currently in conversations with airlines.

What can we hope to see from Epic Oats in the future?

The dream is to become a global brand. I live between London and LA and I could really envision the brand in LA, where there is such a big culture around health and nutrition in both food and lifestyle but also the rest of the U.S too.

Epic Oats also has so much potential for the travel market as a convenience food so I would love to see Epic Oats stocked with the major airlines especially on their long-haul flights as well as other sectors in transportation.


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