Meet Daniele Servadei, Co-Founder at Online Selling Platform: Sellix

Sellix is an online platform designed to give individuals the ability to sell their digital products online and have been paving the way for the future of digital ecommerce.

Sellix was developed to operate as a logistics operations centre and could be the perfect solution for any soon to be digital empire. Businesses can shift from simply having an idea to having a product and being able to accept payments without a single line of code within a matter of minutes.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The goal of Sellix is to help develop and pioneer the way an entrepreneur sells their digital products and accepts online payments. After casually spending some time researching on online forums, we decided it could be possible to be better with my own ideas and a passionate team than existing competition.

We believe Sellix is unique from other companies as our customers are able to purchase goods within minutes through cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat methods. We are unique also as businesses are able to spin up a storefront to sell within minutes, accept payments and automatically deliver products to their customers.

Sellix is one of the first platforms to remove all complex issues and simplify the entire process of creating a business from a simple idea whilst also giving both businesses and individuals the ability to customise something that fits their own personal style and needs.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We started off with the aim of wanting a modern, simple and easy way for every user to sell the digital items they want and be able to accept different cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Over the past year working with the Italian SRL, Sellix has managed to; Integrate 14 new cryptocurrencies, integrated new payment methods for our merchants, began accepting any digital good type including serials to files and subscriptions, revolutionised the way digital products are sold online, started building a single style brand across all our products.

What can we hope to see from Sellix in the future?

We believe the potential of Sellix is boundless, and our aim for the future is to become one of the leading SaaS eCommerce sites in the sector and possibly further expand our crypto offerings to not only payment gateways but exchange services as well.

Our ultimate goal is to offer website services where it is simplistic for merchants and customers to sell and buy products with the use of cryptocurrencies. We aim to bring an even larger range of payment methods from around the world and to help show the general public exactly how to use crypto currency and the technology behind it.