Meet Dasha Klyachko, Founder at Home Management Tool Company: Livlet

Livlet is a home management tool allowing property owners to manage all aspects of their homes in one place. It intelligently and safely logs all your home data for quick and easy access: from household purchases, specs (like paint colours, tiles or light fittings), appliances, suppliers (the milkman, plumber or gas company), contractors, to works that have been carried out, costs, dates, and bills. This allows the homeowner to keep track of documents that would previously have been buried in a filing cabinet, for example.

It organises the information to create a complete picture of all the interrelated systems in a home, such as electrical or plumbing, and uses this to anticipate future needs and potential system failures. Livlet helps homeowners to make decisions that could lower bills, prevent unnecessary repairs, maximise the use of appliances and boost the value of their home.

It also helps you to understand how to make your property more sustainable by providing information on different ‘green’ options like solar panels or government incentives.

Our customers are residential property owners who want to get organised to save time and money on their home.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I founded Livlet out of personal frustration with managing my home. I was frustrated with having to track down old receipts, warranties, and instruction manuals for our appliances and not having the details of tradespeople that I’d used to hand. I also realised that there are many different aspects of managing a property and saw how important data is to the management of a property – and the challenges of maintaining your home without that visibility.

While finding a solution for myself, I realised this could help thousands of homeowners who are probably also struggling to keep track of their homes!

I’ve been involved in business and technology for over 20 years, having grown my previous company, Allied Testing, to over 1,000 employees. I experienced the financial industry going through a process of democratization and I believe the residential home industry is at a point where it’s about to go through a similar transformation.

So, I combined my knowledge of building businesses with my insights on property management and created Livlet. I see Livlet enabling people like you and me to be able to manage our homes – both as physical and financial assets – with tools similar to those used by commercial construction specialists.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

As we only launched a few months ago, you could say there’s been a lot of evolution very quickly! We’ve gone from an idea to a fully-fledged business with a team of brilliant entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists and software developers in under two years.

And we’ve just announced our first partnership with insurance firm Hiscox, offering a 10% discount on home insurance for Livlet users. It’s been a whirlwind of activity.

What can we hope to see from Livlet in the future?

Livlet is currently operating as an online platform but we’re developing a dedicated mobile app at the moment, and after that we’ll be launching multi-house functionality to include smaller-scale landlords as well.

In parallel, we’re also working on increasing the ability to link users with providers of services such as insurance, home repairs, emergency response, certification – and in the future, all services a homeowner may need.

With Livlet there is a real opportunity to make a difference. I see Livlet helping homeowners save time and money while empowering them to make the right decisions in a complex landscape of choices. With 23 million homeowners in the UK, and 140 million homeowners in the USA, there’s a huge market for property management and we’re excited to see where this goes.