Meet Dave Wilson, Founder and Managing Director at Tiger Eye Consulting

Tiger Eye is a trusted solution provider of technology solutions and services for the professional services market. We focus on the management of documents, emails and knowledge – all of which are at the heart of businesses that operate in the professional services industries. These firms deliver their valuable expertise to clients, and with this it is key that they centralise and secure their valuable know-how and work assets for compliance purposes and maximum efficiency.

We are a longstanding partner with iManage – the provider of the leading Document Management System in the legal sector. Our comprehensive range of solutions and services enable our customers to customise, optimise and build upon the iManage DMS to suit their needs. We also offer many out-of-the-box in-house developed software tools such as those for Knowledge Management, email decryption, template management, data migration and much more.

Tiger Eye is based in Norwich, England. The team has grown steadily and organically since Tiger Eye was launched in 2005, when I started the business as an independent consultant with a team of one. We now operate with a team of 25 staff supporting our clients and the business itself, offering managed system implementations, technical support, custom development services and consultancy services.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I founded Tiger Eye back in 2005 after holding senior roles within the document management technology space. Initially, I started the company because I wanted to bring a level of technical expertise to the market that I felt was missing at the time, however soon after Tiger Eye was launched, I also began focusing on exploring new sectors who I felt would also benefit from Work Product Management – the management of documents and emails.

Initially, the software was very well suited to the legal market and our reputation built quickly in this space. However, with developments to the iManage system (including cloud capabilities), opportunities opened up in the corporate sector as organisations of all types began to understand the need for uniting work content into one centralized database and system.


How has Tiger Eye evolved during the pandemic?

Over the last year or so, we have found that many businesses are searching for ways to support agile working with reduced administrative overheads – both of which can be improved with the iManage DMS.

As more teams started to work remotely, we increased our provision of cloud-based solutions to support working from home units, which do not require office-based servers and administrative support. This was a key driver for our business during the pandemic, but I see this trend continuing long into the future.

What can we hope to see from Tiger Eye in the future?

As a company, we’re growing our development team so that we can expand our existing solutions and build on our capacity to develop new products.

We’ve just embarked on an exciting development programme that will see Tiger Eye Blueprint, our core knowledge system, being redeveloped to integrate with and support further file systems. This will enable even more businesses to benefit from the solution and manage their know-how from anywhere – whether in a hybrid working model or fully remote.