Meet Deb Robinson, Co-Founder at Witch Subscription Box: Witch Casket

Deb Robinson

Witch Casket is a magickal monthly subscription box, curated by me and my daughter, Ella. We ship boxes for witches in over 60- countries across the globe. Our caskets contain everything from spells and Craft inspired art, through to exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else, which we lovingly design to ensure the contents are unique and ideal to support and inspire modern witches at any stage of their Craft.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We originally had a brick-and-mortar magick store, in a little tourist town in Yorkshire. We did very well through the summer, but things were relatively slow heading into the winter.

My daughter, Ella came up with the idea of a magickal monthly subscription box as a way of reaching more people over the winter months. Witch Casket was launched in November of 2016 and it’s been a dream come true for us both. Our magick is now reaching witches in over 60 countries globally, which is so much more than we could have possibly hoped for. To know that we are helping to make witchcraft more accessible and accepted, means everything to us!
Witch Casket | Witchcraft Subscription Box

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We have worked tirelessly throughout, relentlessly toiling to ensure that the supply, shipping, and staffing issues we encountered, did not affect our Caskets, or our subscribers. But aside from those obvious challenges, we have had a very positive and heartening experience; with so many subscribers letting us know that receiving their Witch Caskets, and being encouraged to focus on their spiritual path during such a stressful time, has helped them through the lockdowns, and helped with their mental health and wellbeing.

That has meant so much to us; being so appreciated has helped us to get through this challenging period.


What can we hope to see from Witch Casket in the future?

More magick! Our vision for the future of Witch Casket is to continue creating exclusive, unique, magickal content for our Caskets, to grow our blog and encourage more people to discover their own individual spiritual path. We have also started to plan a series of books and other magickal projects…which we can’t talk about just yet!

Do you think the uncertainty for people professionally and personally over the last two years has a direct correlation with a growing interest in the Craft/spirituality?

In times of uncertainty, people feel the need to take control, and empower themselves, and witchcraft is all about empowerment! It is natural in times of high anxiety, to reach out for things that can help you to remain grounded, and to live in a more mindful way. Connecting with nature, practicing meditation, performing spells and rituals, are all things that help us to feel connected.

How are modern lives utilising the Craft in your experience?

The modern world is, in many ways, a difficult place to be. There is constant pressure on us, to look a certain way, or be a certain way, or to live in a certain way. It is my experience that witchcraft helps us to recognise that we are all divine beings, with unique paths, and most of those pressures are simply pressures we put on ourselves! We deserve better, and witchcraft teaches us that it is our energy that is all-important!

Do you think we’ll reach a point where it’s absolutely commonplace to use the Craft as part of our wellbeing toolkit?

I truly hope so! That would be our dream, manifested!