Meet DJ Qian, CEO & Founder Of Versatile Crypto Management App: Chainge Finance


Chainge Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) utility app that empowers users to be their own ‘digital bank’. DeFi refers to a global financial technology which removes the need for traditional infrastructure such as banks, intermediaries, or brokerage firms. Instead, DeFi uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to empower users to conduct and manage their own financial operations.

The Chainge decentralized exchange offers the best liquidity on the market, meaning that crypto transactions are advantageous while users always have ownership over their own assets.

Chainge’s Technology allows for a cross chain wallet, meaning that users of different cryptocurrencies can easily transfer their assets across networks. The cross-chain aggregated decentralized exchange (DEX) built on it guarantees users get the best prices for their trades. The Chainge app also allows users to time frame their crypto assets, which refers to the ability to split your assets into defined time-periods. This provides passive income while still having full ownership of your assets. In addition, we’ve developed various innovative DeFi modules such as decentralized escrow contracts, the first decentralized Options DEX and more.

What do you think makes this company unique?

I started my career in this industry in 2013. In these 9 years, I have been exploring almost all areas of this industry. The most important thing I learnt from all of those experiences is that it is finance-automation that really brings true value.

Chainge provides a solution to a problem we’ve been facing for years – which is lack of control of our assets. We are not afraid to claim that we have the best interoperability tech on the market. In terms of features, our cross-chain aggregated DEX (the most liquid aggregator on the market) allows users to receive the best prices for their swaps.

This is thanks to our advanced smart router and cross-chain aggregation algorithm. While Other DeFi projects claim that they are the best at cross-chain aggregation, we are the only ones that actually do it. Our algo splits the transactions across chains and moves them towards the most liquid ones, which ensures that we do offer the absolute best prices. Anyone can check and compare our prices with any other DEX and the differences will become obvious.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Chainge is still a relatively new company, however we’ve taken many steps to build it to what it is today. I’ve built several companies which have given me the tools to build Chainge to what it is now.

I’m passionate about DeFi and its possibilities for the future which is why I started a public blockchain: Fusion – focusing on digital finance, and on top of this I built Anyswap as a block chain version of SWIFT. Chainge was born out of this to create the ultimate web3 portal.

What can we hope to see from Chainge Finance in the future?

We’ll soon be integrating new chains, new assets, new DEX’s, and aggregators. We also plan on introducing FIAT on/off ramp meaning users will be able to convert fiat currencies into crypto and vice-versa. We will also soon finish up public APIs so that any project can implement our cross-chain aggregation solution and interoperability solution. At the same time, we will be implementing a hardware cold wallet which users will be able to buy/order in the form of a card. Overall, we have lots of upcoming plans to expand.

I believe in the next 5 years, DeFi will continue to grow in different areas and finance automation will bring real value in terms of “close to 0” costs. Ultimately, this will lead to a self-finance era that implies a fair financial market for everyone.


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