Meet Dmitry Isupov, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy & Insights Officer at Deep Learning Start-up: Chattermill

Chattermill is, put simply, a Customer Intelligence Platform. It enables businesses to improve their customer loyalty and retention by understanding the needs of customers through unifying customer reviews, support tickets, conversations, and social media data, and uses AI to deliver insights.

The world’s leading brands, including Amazon, Uber, H&M, and Zappos, today use Chattermill every day to power their CX programs.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea for Chattermill came from my work in the Market Research industry where I saw firsthand that it often took weeks, sometimes months, for customer research to yield any quality insights. And often, these would largely be out of date by the time they reached key decision-makers. We then founded the company with my co-founder Mikhail in 2015 while at Entrepreneur First.

As we know, the experience economy continues to revolutionise the way customers interact with businesses. Companies mastering this change create unique, sustainable competitive advantage (think Amazon, Uber, and Zappos – all of which happen to be Chattermill customers), but the challenge is becoming increasingly difficult for many brands.

Digesting and extracting accurate insight from multiple customer touchpoints and data formats across the entire customer journey in real time may be difficult without the right technology, but it’s imperative that businesses are able to understand their customers if they’re going to deliver experiences that customers love.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

In 2015 when Chattermill was founded, our product met the market need for a scalable text analytics tool that was able to uncover insight from customer surveys such as Net Promoter Score. But as our customers grew, they needed more and more intelligence to meet ever-increasing pressure to stay competitive by delivering exceptional customer experiences. So we developed our product offering to meet this challenge.

Today, our platform enables businesses to unify their customer feedback reviews, support tickets, conversations, and social media data, and uses deep learning AI to deliver insights that help businesses deliver the loyalty and retention-driving customer experiences that customers love.

What started out as a simple solution to a simple problem seven years ago has developed into a platform that can handle any type of customer feedback and deliver a lot more insight to more people in the organisation than was previously possible.

What can we hope to see from Chattermill in the future?

There’s some incredibly exciting developments in the pipeline for Chattermill right now.

First and foremost, we are focusing on delivering insights that help our clients retain their customers as the economy and wider market continues to be turbulent. As inflation and cost of living bites, it is critical for businesses to understand and adapt to their customer reality. Businesses that get this right will come out as winners.

We’ve recently released an exciting product update, Anomaly Detection. This new update allows teams to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to feedback data. It uses AI to proactively alert critical issues before they spiral out of control, and enables teams to seize CX opportunities before they pass by. We’re already seeing massive uptake and success amongst our customers and it’s having a real impact on their customer experiences – which is amazing to see.

Beyond that, we’re continuing our work to develop a new software category, continuing our expansion across the US, South Africa, and Europe, and expanding our platform capabilities to meet our vision to create the first truly unified Customer Intelligence Platform.