Meet Donal O’Shea, CEO & Co-Founder at Pathology-Based Software Company: Deciphex

Donal O’Shea

Deciphex is an Irish-based, software company focused on developing digital pathology-based software and services for clinical and research pathology. Our ambition is to network and accelerate the world’s pathologists. 

We believe that digital pathology combined with artificial intelligence will help make pathologists work more efficiently, offering a solution to the pending challenges in supply/demand in pathology services. Deciphex plans to be at the forefront of this revolution with cleverly positioned solutions that deliver on the biggest problems facing pathology today.
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How did you come up with the idea for Deciphex? 

There were two aspects to this:

  • What gave me the idea was the supply and demand dynamic in the pathology marketplace. Deciphex is unique as we really understand the global supply and demand dynamics that exist in pathology services and how Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence can potentially help in that. We understand the need to also work outside of the enterprise, in terms of connecting stakeholders to support that will allow the fulfilment of those services.
  • Most organisations today struggle to find adequate coverage for pathology services, specifically within their own environment. The real pressing need in the marketplace is to provide those organisations with access to additional external resourcing and digital pathology is a powerful tool in that respect. External resourcing in combination with AI can lead to highly efficient ways to fulfil any service delivery gaps.



How has Deciphex evolved over the last couple of years?:

Deciphex was founded in 2017 and our initial engagement in the marketplace was with the research community, our goal was to fulfil their specific needs and requirements around drug safety assessment.

The research community had a real need to provide connectivity between CRO and Pharma companies in relation to digital pathology-based peer and primary review of safety studies. Over time the big evolution has been the advent of our clinical services business, Diagnexia. Diagnexia is the only on-demand virtual pathology department.

Providing access to over 100 subspeciality pathologists for primary diagnostics and secondary consult services. Diagnexia services help our clients to enhance their turnaround times while reducing their backlogs.

What can we hope to see from Deciphex in the future?:

Our goal is to network global pathology services and in that context enable the biggest available network of pathologists to support the fulfilment of service needs. We hope to scale our network globally, enabling us to become the most extensive network of digital pathologists.

Along with the augmentation of the activities of that network with Artificial Intelligence for accelerated interpretation for decision support.