Meet Dr Farzana Rahman, CEO and Co-Founder at Health-Tech Company: Hexarad

Hexarad is an early stage, high growth healthcare technology company, providing technology-driven solutions to boost radiology capacity and address the key causes of diagnostic delays. Headquartered in London, Hexarad was founded in 2016 by a group of NHS consultant radiologists. Since 2016, Hexarad has grown rapidly and is now a major provider to both the NHS and private healthcare customers.

Hexarad’s technology is developed to address the most important issues causing unnecessary radiology delays, and to get the right scan to the right radiologist at the right time. The demand for imaging has dramatically increased since the start of the pandemic, with a tenfold increase in imaging waiting lists over the last two years. Last year the UK performed approximately 70 scans per minute, but delays on reporting those scans mean that patients are waiting longer for their diagnoses and treatment.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Hexarad was founded by a group of passionate radiologists who came together with the aim of solving the biggest problem facing radiology: that there are too many scans and not enough radiologists. Our first-hand experience of the pressure that radiology departments are under means that we are uniquely placed to develop innovative, clinically-led solutions, and the response from both NHS and private customers shows that they are working. This collaborative foundation has meant that the ethos and culture of Hexarad have driven the business forward, and have informed key business decisions.

Our lead product is the Hexarad technology platform, which is a unique combination of people and technology. We have a rapidly expanding community of radiologists able to report scans remotely through the teleradiology part of the platform, as well as our Optirad software tool that helps hospitals to better manage their radiology resources with tools such as rota management, scan allocation and supply demand forecasting.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Hexarad has grown rapidly over the last two years, culminating in raising a Series A fundraising round of £4.5 million in September 2022.

In the last twelve months, Hexarad has become a major teleradiology and healthtech provider to both the NHS and private healthcare customers, and has also launched our workflow management software solution, Optirad.

What can we hope to see from Hexarad in the future?

In the next twelve months Hexarad is going to be focused on growing the Hexarad technology platform, a completely new to the market solution that is focused on solving the key issues causing radiology delays. Our vision is to provide an all-round technology solution designed by radiologists to help radiologists.

We will also be building on our already strong relationships in the NHS and private healthcare to expand the use of our technology across the UK, and potentially internationally.