Meet Dr. Kate Jarvis, CEO & Co-Founder of Fifth Dimension AI

Tell us about Fifth Dimension AI.


Fifth Dimension AI is a Generative AI (GenAI) company that amplifies exceptional professionals by automating boring, repetitive tasks and challenging their thinking. Our first-of-its-kind AI assistant, Ellie, can read, review, analyse, fact-check, and create documents and spreadsheets in minutes instead of days.

We’re focused on disrupting the property industry and financial services to start; two industries in which knowledge workers assess, buy, and sell high high-value assets in countless documents and spreadsheets. Our AI can quickly process and learn from the vast information locked away in these disparate files, giving people 20% of their time back and allowing them to focus on developing and disseminating their unique expertise.

Ellie supports teams with tasks ranging from crunching numbers and creating an Investment Memo, to crafting compelling marketing campaigns.




How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I met my Co-Founder, Johnny Morris, when we were both working at a start-up which matches institutional investment capital with everyday people looking to buy a home, so they can buy more suitable homes with a smaller deposit. Johnny was Chief Data Officer at the time I was hired as Chief Product and Technology Officer. Together, we took the startups’s financial services product to market.

At the company I was exposed to how low-tech most real estate companies and processes are; we had built a lot of sophisticated technology to acquire and assess both properties and customers, but our actual home purchasing team was still doing business off of spreadsheets. Johnny, of course, was unsurprised. He’d been trying to bring structured data warehouses and analysis to the real estate industry for 16 years.

Fifth Dimension AI was born when we both got access to OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. We immediately realised how much benefit industries like Real Estate could realise from Large Language Models (LLMs), which excel at processing unstructured data quickly and cleverly. So we set about redefining the way real estate professionals work, with our AI assistant Ellie at our side.

I got my start in Linguistics, and was exposed to neural networks and LLMs in my time at Stanford University. Following my degree, I spent 12 years designing Machine Learning-powered products and bringing them to market, in Chief Product and Technology Officer roles in varied sectors.

As I mentioned, Johnny has 16 years of real estate experience which includes time as Research Director at Countrywide. Our combined experience is perfect for freeing today’s professionals from spending all day skimming long documents and copy-and–pasting.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Johnny and I founded Fifth Dimension AI in January 2023. We launched Ellie to the Real Estate market after completing numerous interviews with potential users, and our first paid clients onboarded in April 2023. We now boast 10 major real estate firms as clients, including big names such as Hamptons.

We’ve also just announced our £2.3 million Pre-Seed Round, co-led by Anthemis’ Female Innovators Lab Fund and Seedcamp, which will enable us to continue enhancing Ellie’s capabilities for an expanding audience across the real estate industry.


What can we hope to see from Fifth Dimension AI in the future?

Ellie is empowering business leaders to get more output from their employees for the same amount of money and in less time – getting us closer to a productivity uptick for UK plc.

Although our current focus is leveraging Ellie to resolve the long-standing inefficiencies that have plagued the property industry, that is just the beginning. As we scale, we want to expand Ellie’s knowledge base across other sectors where massive amounts of data are keeping teams from being exceptional. We believe in the power of GenAI; it’s a game changer that will truly help us redefine the world of work for good.