Meet Dr Rumina Taylor, Chief Clinical Officer at Online Therapy and Coaching Platform: HelloSelf

HelloSelf is an online therapy and coaching platform founded by Charlie Wells in 2019 after he survived a rare and usually fatal form of brain haemorrhage. His personal journey back to physical and mental health inspired his determination to start HelloSelf. The idea behind the company centres on the ethos that all of us have the potential to improve, grow and flourish in life. The HelloSelf platform uses an outcome-based approach to build tailored and evolving treatment plans. It also provides tools to help people improve their mental wellbeing in small amounts every day in a way that creates positive and healthy long-term habits.


Private Clinical Therapy | HelloSelf


What do you think makes this company unique?

Our outcome-based approach, as well as our tools which are rooted in psychological theory and science, as well as the partners we work with, we believe, all make the company unique.Self-improvement on HelloSelf is tracked using outcomes. Each member and their therapist can track and monitor the goals and outcomes they’re working towards and this allows for greater collaboration and transparency. We believe this has been a major driver of our success because it helps people see, understand, as well as feel their progress. By improving the therapy experience in this way, we’ve found HelloSelf’s members realise improvements faster. They can access treatment in weeks rather than months – 20% faster on average than traditional face-to-face therapy – and members can either refer themselves or be referred from GPs, clinicians, insurers and employers.

Once therapy sessions have stopped, we allow members to continue tracking this progress and maintaining their improvements using our self-help tools. In this way, we’re empowering members to take control of their mental health in ways that they may never have had access to before.

At HelloSelf we also only partner with the best clinicians and all of our 150 clinicians and therapists have at least a decade’s clinical experience. For these clinicians, the platform cuts the administrative burden of therapy by providing tools and shortcuts to reduce the time it takes to complete paperwork and records related to patients.



How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Since launch in 2019, HelloSelf has become the most-referred-to platform of its kind from  doctors across the UK.

We currently work with more than 150 clinically registered therapists, and these clinicians provide therapy to 1,000 active members a week. Elsewhere, we look after 250,000 employees through our employer programme, which includes the likes of BP, Bulb, Impression and BGF, and we work with all leading health insurers including AXA, Aviva, Vitality and Bupa.