Meet Dr. Zvi Guterman, Founder and CEO at Software Experience Platform: CloudShare

At CloudShare we help software companies increase customer acquisition and retention by creating highly engaging hands-on POC, demo, or training experiences in the cloud. Our virtual experiences are purpose-built to generate user engagement that ultimately impacts key business metrics such as repeat purchase rates, lower support costs, higher win rates, and faster sales cycles.

Essentially, CloudShare takes the effort out of setting up product showcase environments and lets marketers and sales teams focus on the critical marketing and sales activities that drive conversions and support retention.

We’ve been around since 2007, and count some of the world’s leading software and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, RSA, ForgeRock, Salesforce, and Atlassian as our customers.

Virtual IT Labs for Training, Demos and POCs | CloudShare

How did you come up with the idea for CloudShare?

Like many founders, CloudShare was a solution to a problem I personally kept having. Working for SaaS enterprises, one of the key ways to secure a sale is to showcase and demo the product to potential customers. Often SaaS companies have innovative products, but they don’t have a testing lab to be able to show the customer exactly how it works. And we live in a world where people want to try before they buy.

So we set out to create testing labs for SaaS companies to use. I tested the concept with over 200 target customers in our first year – and it was a renowned success so I knew we were on our way to creating a unique product.

Now CloudShare is an enterprise-grade virtual experience platform that enables easy replication of software experiences in the cloud with real-time data-driven insights and integration with vital tools such as Salesforce and Hubspot, that help businesses grow.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have seen unprecedented growth over the last two years with three main drivers:

  • The digital revolution means more organisations are using cloud products to consider software solutions. COVID-19 was obviously a huge accelerator for this as buyers have become much smarter in terms of their pre-purchase consideration, and sales teams are now beginning to realize that in order to capitalize on every potential lead, they have to provide an interactive, engaging buyer experience, and technology is key to this.
  • Our loyal customers have thousands of weekly users that are engaging and working with us to shape the future of hands-on experiences.
  • The product experience category has matured at a rapid speed. With new innovative cloud technology providing increased business benefits based on automation, control, and visibility, the market is starting to see the drastic impact that virtual product experiences can have on business acceleration strategies via the cloud. We call this Business Acceleration Cloud.


What can we hope to see from CloudShare in the future?

We are in a great stage of growth; developing many go-to-market partnerships, increasing our worldwide reach with new offices, and driving organic growth by expanding our offering. We were recently announced as leaders in Pre-Sales, Customer Education, and Virtual IT Labs by G2 and plan for further industry accolades in these key categories.

Most importantly, we will continue to listen closely to our customers, understanding their needs and their pain points, and be the first to create innovative technology solutions that supercharge those important interactions with new and existing customers that ultimately lead to increased revenue for our enterprise software customers.


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