Meet Eddie Goldsmith, Founder at PropTech Company: YouConvey

YouConvey is a first of its kind prop tech company offering a collaborative conveyancing platform which is set to revolutionise the home moving process, and make it suitable for the 21st century customer.

We’ve created an innovative service which uses streamlined conveyancing methods and digital transactions to help make moving house easier than it has ever been, saving customers up to 8 weeks’ and putting them in control of their conveyancing.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Having worked in the conveyancing industry for over 40 years, I recognised first hand just how stressful, and now outdated, the process is. It’s no surprise that moving home is recognised as one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, as the process can be long, complicated, and often very frustrating.

Too often home movers, especially first time buyers, are unsure of the different stages, feel out of control with not knowing what part of the process they’re up to, and feel disheartened by the lengthy process which often involves lots of chasing between conveyancers and estate agents. I knew that there had to be a better way to convey, and YouConvey was born.

Not only do we provide customers with all of their necessary forms on Day 1 to complete digitally through the unique online portal, but we assign them with their very own Home Mover Advisor who is on hand 24/7 for support and to talk them through any stages which they’re unsure of. We also do all of the chasing between parties and keep customers regularly updated through their portal, with this communication being a key part to making the process much smoother. With all of this in place, the result is a much less stressful and quicker home moving experience.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Since launching in February 2022, YouConvey has successfully evolved from concept to a value added service for conveyancing customers who are happy to have the care and attention that we’re able to provide for them.

We’ve had wonderful feedback from all of our completed cases so far, and have been able to demonstrate that we can reduce the timescales of a typical house move by up to 8 weeks’ per transaction. In today’s turbulent housing market this is a very well received achievement.

We’ve also evolved our team and now have dedicated marketing, sales and project manager employees to help grow the business and ensure we continue to meet customers’ needs with a 5 star quality service.

What can we hope to see from YouConvey in the future?

One of the most exciting things we’re planning for the future, in addition to expanding our team and maybe moving into a fancy new office, is that we’re looking to launch the YouConvey app which would further establish our place in the market as innovators in conveyancing and the modern solution to moving home for 21st century customers.