Meet Eleanor Treharne-Jones, CEO at Data Observability Company: Kensu

Kensu is a data observability company founded in Belgium 7 years ago by Andy Petrella with a mission to put to an end to the kind of wasted time that data engineers spend trying to fix data quality issues within their organisation, and ensure they can spend more time working on projects that add value and drive revenue within the business.

We’re headquartered in San Francisco with a presence across Europe with a mission to become the leading global provider of data observability solutions and set the industry standard that others follow through monitoring data in real-time, cutting resolution time in half and restoring trust in data.


What do you think makes this company unique?


At Kensu we have a differentiated approach offering Data Observability at the Source where we take the best practices from Dev Ops and embed our agents (a few lines of code) directly into the applications themselves.

This unique approach to data observability enables us to provide real time visibility into issues before they can spread further into the data pipelines and the reports, dashboards and BI tools that companies rely on for critical business decisions. Our real-time monitoring and contextual alerts give companies the fastest time to resolution of data issues.

Kensu launches the first Data Observability Community Edition |  SystemsDigest

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


We launched our first Data Observability solution in September 2020 and since then the team has tripled in size and we just opened our new US Headquarters in June.

We’re also proud to have launched the first free non-time-limited use community edition of the Kensu Data Observability Platform which enables data teams to better understand  this new emerging technology and implement it for free within their data pipelines.



Why did you choose to join Kensu?


Companies have been struggling with data quality issues for years and I quickly realised that Andy and Kensu had hit on a unique solution to a real market problem. I was excited to join a company with a talented team and differentiated technology that was poised to take advantage of the momentum in the fast-emerging Data Observability market.


What can we hope to see from Kensu in the future?


As data observability becomes a mainstream requirement for all data teams next year, we are expanding our partner program and range of integrations to ensure that companies can deploy the Kensu platform quickly and start benefiting from real-time monitoring of data issues. In the New Year, we’ll be launching our Kensu certification program and Data Observability Academy as well as adding new features and integrations to the Kensu Platform.

Next year will also see the print publication of The Fundamentals of Data Observability by Kensu’s Founder Andy Petrella which is the first and definitive book on this topic and will help in our mission to set the standard in this space.