Meet Eliaz Gabay, CEO at Yvel: From Luxury Jewelry To Blockchain Security Product INFS

Yvel is an international, award-winning, luxury jewelry brand, recognized worldwide for its distinctive creations, featuring nature’s most treasured resources. The company has been family-owned and operated since 1986, and our designs combine traditional values with constant innovation including our signature work with pearl jewelry. As a house creating high jewelry art pieces, we have stores worldwide and have been featured at exhibitions including Art Basel, SOFA Chicago, and Art Beijing.

I joined Yvel twelve years ago as their CFO and was offered the opportunity to become the CEO of the group a few years later. Since then I have become a close business partner of Orna and Isaac, Yvel’s founders, in various activities.

I studied law and accounting at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and at the beginning of my career, it was clear to me that my passion was more in business than in public service. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until I found the right hub for me, working alongside Isaac and Orna.

How did you come up with the INFS project within the luxury jewelry brand Yvel?

I was an early adopter of blockchain technology and still believe that this technology will eventually be widely implemented throughout various aspects of our lives.

Besides our activities in the art and jewelry industry, we actively invest in many different sectors (real estate, technology, medicine, tourism, etc.) One day, while exploring new investment opportunities, I asked my team how it’s possible that we can find companies that we think conduct great business, yet we cannot invest in them as both consumers and investors?

The following question was why are we using the regular financial instruments that we are using?
The answer to both questions was “because”. Meaning, because that is simply what is currently available in the markets. We quickly connected the dots between the benefits of blockchain technology and NFTs with the investor’s needs for agility and security.

Our ability as an art and design jewelry house is to create unique art pieces from precious materials. Then, we moved to the next stage, which was to think about what investors with open minds are seeking out. My conclusion was that I was looking for the following characteristics in my investments beyond profitability: Independence and personalization. This allowed us to move forward to develop the Independent Non-Fungible Security asset or INFS.

What is the difference between INFS and other NFT projects?

First, we do not consider this project an NFT project. We consider this project as a new application of blockchain technology in regard to securities. INFS combines real-world assets with the agility of the crypto world. In order to achieve this independence and personalization, we are using the underlying technology of NFTs, such that they are simply part of our toolbox in creating our desired financial product.

INFS offers many points of difference when compared to other blockchain projects. Almost all classic blockchain-related investments carry a high degree of uncertainty and can result in a complete investment loss. Beyond the high volatility, the fact that blockchain investments are attached to the digital space, in most cases, affects the chances to realize an investment.

The INFS assets provide real-world collateral layers, allowing each INFS holder to opt out of the digital space. Investors can realize or redeem the assets, which act as underlying protection layers (i.e. a unique gold coin or a store credit in the Genesis Phase INFS asset).

In addition, many current blockchain opportunities avoid a regulated offering status, creating a risky position with respect to their issuances claiming they are not securities. In the long run, this can result in the offering being canceled or shut down due to regulatory scrutiny.

INFS stems from a traditional company that consistently follows international regulations in many different fields, we see regulators as our friends and important for business. Therefore, we consider INFS assets as securities with all their implications.

Accordingly, we are investing substantial resources and effort to comply with applicable laws and regulatory bodies and alleviate the adverse results we are witnessing with other companies.

What can we hope to see from Yvel in the future?

We hope, following receiving the proper approvals, to open the INFS trading platform to outside companies as soon as possible. We want to introduce other attractive financial products from companies taking part in the INFS project to the public. We will keep our efforts to always spearhead innovation and creativity in the art and jewelry industry.


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