Meet Emma Davey, Founder of MyNARA.

Tell us about MyNARA.

MyNARA is a newly launched app that supports victims of narcissistic abuse (domestic abuse). It is the only app that includes the tools you need to break free and recover from the trauma of the abuse.

It includes the following features:

Cloaked as a common utility (and works as that utility) to make it more difficult for the abuser to identify it on the phone.

Generous cloud storage so that evidence can be collected, date stamped and secretly stored. That evidence cannot be deleted or destroyed. Even if the app is deleted the evidence will remain in storage and can be sent to the authorities when the victim is ready.

Red flag monitor to help people spot patterns of behaviour to determine if someone is a narcissist and to avoid narcissists in the future.

12 phase NarcArmour© Programme. This is a bespoke, professional therapy programme for just £6.99 per month. It includes videos, worksheets and exercises to help the victim break their addiction to their abuser (caused by the trauma bond), recover from the trauma of the relationship and avoid narcissists in the future.

Lawyers Parfitt Cresswell handle many divorces that involve abuse, and are enthusiastic supporters of MyNARA.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I was the victim of narcissistic abuse for 6 years. The police couldn’t do anything because my abuser destroyed the evidence. Like many victims, I kept returning to my abuser (this is because abusers manipulate their victims in a way that produces a powerful chemical addiction, similar to a drug addiction). I couldn’t find the support I needed. I tried to take my own life on more than one occasion. Like many victims, I could see no way out.

Eventually I did escape (to Australia) and, because I was so confused by the abuse and my response, I studied and qualified as a trauma counsellor and set up a Facebook support group which now has 34k members. I was overwhelmed by the number of people needing counselling. However, some couldn’t afford it and it was impossible for me to help all the people who needed it.

The App was developed to give victims access to the tools I needed when I was being abused. My counselling business has now won awards and my abuser was sent to prison for 19 months for coercive control, thanks to the evidence I managed to collect.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

MyNARA was launched as a web only app in June in the UK and trialled with members of the Facebook group. It already has over a thousand active users and 100% positive 5 star feedback, with many calling it a ‘life saver’. The app was first made available in app stores on 3rd October 2023 and at the same time launched in the US.


What can we hope to see from MyNARA in the future?


We have got this far with no financial debt incurred. Everything has been paid for by the counselling business. I also have a number of extraordinary people and companies to thank for giving up their time to support the business. However, that goodwill can only go so far. We now need funding to support the marketing effort and to fund further developments of the app. We want to introduce AI and include other features that I know I needed. I want to make the app available for everyone who needs it (which means addressing a number of legal and compliance issues). 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience this type of abuse in their lifetimes.