Meet Evgeniy Chuikov, CEO & Co-Founder at Cashless Tipping Platform: EasyTip

EasyTip is a cashless tipping platform that allows customers to tip services workers directly. Tips can amount up to 50% of workers’ income in some hospitality and beauty businesses. And yet the process of collecting and distributing tips is still very opaque and old fashioned.

Moreover, with declining cash transactions, tips left through the card terminals create additional admin and processing costs for businesses. EasyTip disrupts this by connecting customers with service workers directly via QR codes. Customers scan a QR code, land on an individual’s or team tipping page and leave a tip using Apple Pay, Google Pay or any card. Tips go directly to recipients meaning they get them faster and gain more control over their income. Businesses win by reducing admin and improving team motivation.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

In recent years there have been plenty of controversies around tipping practices in the UK and we wanted to provide a better way for customers to say thank you.

Consumers have also become accustomed to using QR codes throughout the pandemic, so it was natural to blend ideas together and create an app free platform that can be used instantly.


How has the company evolved in the past year since its launch?

We’ve had tremendous success since our launch last year. Over 100,000 customers have left a tip at least once on our platform and it is being used by thousands of workers in established businesses such as Gielly Green, Dodo Pubs, Urban Retreat and many others.

Our clients span several industries such as restaurants, beauty, travel, delivery and entertainment. We estimate the UK’s tipping market to be £2 billion plus per year so that gives us a great runway to scale and expand our business.

As we collect more tips, we also begin to see the real impact of our platform. We’ve helped workers significantly increase tips, in some cases by as much as 30%, and receive them much faster. For single location businesses we help reduce costs by hundreds of pounds per year, while for chains and bigger brands the savings end up being thousands of pounds.

What can we hope to see from EasyTip in the future?

The platform was originally launched in the UK but we now work across other parts of Europe and also have expanded into the MENA area. It appears that collecting tips is a pain point across many regions and we hope to help businesses resolve it.

We estimate the global tipping market at over $100 billion annually turnover and we aim to capture much of this opportunity by expanding into other countries. In recent months we’ve also added several other useful features to our platform, such as the opportunity to leave a review and post it on Instagram or Google, and tronc scheme tools to help with collecting service charges and various payment options.

So, whilst we continue to be focused on our core function, we are planning to add other tools that help businesses reduce their admin, motivate workers, and offer customers frictionless experiences.