Meet George Thwaytes, Founder at Food Delivery Platform: Gourmet2Go

Gourmet2Go is a unique platform aimed at high-quality gourmet pubs, restaurants and foodie establishments alike. We aim to provide restaurants, home chefs and food establishments (including the popular finish at home boxes) with an app whereby they can easily receive orders, connect with customers and change menus/opening times/delivery slots at ease.

We are proud to say we are the first to offer a pre-ordering system of up to 7 days! We have launched initially in London, to be followed by Edinburgh to begin with and are currently upgrading our software to enable us to expand further.
Gourmet2Go on Twitter: "Gourmet2Go is an app that specialises in connecting  high quality venues/chefs with their valued customers... we launch so soon!  Get in touch now to find out more #foodie #gourmet2go #

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Gourmet2Go came about when I got into conversation with a chef who owns a high-quality establishment and who is currently using one of our competitors. He stated that he was furious at the wait times to make changes to his menus, the system kept on crashing at peak times, the pricing was too high and his high-quality food was amongst food which was of a less high calibre – therefore resulting in his food not being seen as much through the app. He asked me to go away and design and come up with an app myself, which I did, Gourmet2Go.

A core part of our business is making sure everyone is looked after – we don’t charge set up fees, or big initial costs. Just a small percent so that being on the platform is worthwhile. As we expand, we have plans to make a donation from each sale to a food charity too.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic? Or if it started during the pandemic, how is it changing as restrictions ease?

The company started during the third wave of the pandemic, on a small level and has slowly started to increase. We have seen the issues which our competitors face at present and we are making sure we come up with a solution to rectify the issues they face, and make sure our software is the best out there. Things will start to get slower whilst the hospitality industry focuses on re-opening its doors, however, the takeaway industry is just growing constantly and we are excited to be a part of it.

What can we hope to see from Gourmet2Go in the future?

Gourmet2Go will keep on expanding and will be building its software up to allow any home chefs/ food box establishments and restaurants to join and use it at ease. We are slowly working towards employing delivery drivers in the designated areas and we are looking to crowd fund to increase our awareness and give the general public an opportunity to invest in an exciting new app.
By the end of 2021/ beginning of 2022, we should be available in a city near you! We are not turning away anyone that isn’t in the cities listed, we would love to hear from more people in hospitality.