Meet Gilad Talmon, CEO at Volumetric Video Technology Company: YOOM

YOOM is a hybrid company that combines Israeli deep tech research into AI and 3D reconstruction with the Hollywood entertainment vibe. We aim to change the way people create and consume content.

We believe that immersive mediums are the natural next step in humanity’s constant evolution of advanced communication methods that bridge physical and cultural gaps. YOOM seeks to assist this shift to a more immersive world by enabling humans to bring themselves (or their augmented selves) into these forming immersive environments, in an easy and scalable manner.    


How did you come up with the idea for YOOM? What do you think makes YOOM Unique?

The original idea, which remains the basis of everything we do today, was thought up by our founder, Dr. Miky Tamir. He realised that the trajectory of technological development across a multitude of R&D fields– from 3D reconstruction to high-bandwidth to low-latency communication and cloud computing, and later AI – has the potential to change the way people communicate, create and consume content.

As a physicist and a seasoned innovator in the broadcast and sports tech industry, Dr. Tamir’s vision was that people would be able to immerse themselves in sports events, music and entertainment. To help enable this, he developed, along with co-founders Micha Birnboim and Avi Klingera portable solution for high fidelity volumetric video capture.

Our solutions, heavily reliant on deep learning, are focused on generating high fidelity results, at a wide variety of scenarios, while maintaining minimal dependency on hardware. We develop portable high end solutions for our music and entertainment industry partners, and at the same time deploy consumer grade solutions that use a mobile phone to generate avatars and volumetric video for social media applications.


How has YOOM evolved over the last couple of years?

YOOM’s journey over the past couple of years has been characterised by hyper growth, technological breakthroughs and finally the expansion into content creation. We evolved from a deep tech, AI company to the hybrid company that we are today, working with some of the music, entertainment and sports industries’ biggest talents.   

What can we hope to see from YOOM in the future?

We are working on some innovative projects in the music, sports and entertainment worlds and will be unveiling them in the next few months. We believe that these releases will stretch the boundaries of what was possible until today and will set a new standard in the way talent can engage and communicate with their audiences.