Meet Giuseppe Licari & Roberto Amerighi, Co-Founders at Cashback App: GreenJinn

Giuseppe Licari & Roberto Amerigh

We’re GreenJinn, the FREE cashback app for brands that are good for you, your wallet and the planet.

Get real cash on the brands you love from the supermarkets most convenient for you. Save up to £1,500 yearly cashback on healthy and sustainable products with offers tailored to you.

We connect mindful and curious people with brave brands and help you Shop Smarter, Live Healthier.

For the brands we work with, we help solve the blind spot in their media with our new system: GreenJinn Treasure™: Tracking and measuring offline conversion from media.

Treasure™ allows brands to go beyond brand awareness of their ad spend and deliver tangible and measurable call-to-actions to drive in-store activation with actionable insights and retargeting without needing cookies. We will tell you more about Treasure™ in a bit…
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We are Giuseppe and Roberto, the founders of GreenJinn. We launched GreenJinn back in 2017 with the aim to connect mindful and curious people with brave brands. We are self-professed foodies, and you may have guessed by our names… we are Italian.

We go waaaay back and actually met at University, which is where our lightbulb moment happened. We (like a lot of people) were looking for an easy way to cut our grocery bills, without starving ourselves or having to buy junk food. So we wanted to start our own service to do just that… Hello GreenJinn!

We wanted to provide a space where people could discover new, healthy and quality brands, have personalised offers tailored to their needs and be as quick and simple as possible.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

In a year (almost two!) where shoppers are a little more careful with money, shopping habits have changed, and brands have had to rethink the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, the team here at GreenJinn has created a solution for both shoppers and brands ready to disrupt the market.

Introducing GreenJinn Treasure (TRack and mEASURE). An easy way for consumers to get cashback on their groceries and for brands we work with to track exactly how their campaign is performing. We know how important it is to understand a consumer journey and in an easy-to-measure way.

Currently, brands will use paid media to drive awareness and increase sales but have no insights or data of how that ad has affected in-store sales.

The shoppers will receive coupons via a media source (instagram ads, QR codes on billboards), they then buy that product full price in store or online, snap the receipt on the app and get the cashback. As easy as that. Shop. Snap. Save.

The brands will be able to optimise their media, have access to live insights and data, be able to retarget and really track the performance of their media.

Some examples of where Treasure media sources can work are on digital paid adverts, outdoor campaigns, in print or on pack with QR codes. We can provide live data and insights that updates immediately as redemptions get uploaded.

What can we hope to see from GreenJinn in the future?

We have lots of plans!!

Without giving away all our ideas, we are working on making our user experience even better and easier to use. We are pushing further into the world of AI, going above and beyond to let our users access our offers through TV or activated in-store. Although the UK is our main focus for now we will be launching into new countries soon!

We are continuing to build our Treasure™ system, becoming a data specialised business by helping more brands optimise their media, gain valuable consumer insights and retarget and really track the performance of their media.

Sustainability is an area that is very important to us. That’s why we have Green in our name. It’s one of our key values and something we live and breathe at GreenJinn. We have done a lot this year from becoming a climate-positive workforce, launching our Go Green with GreenJinn initiatives which further educates our team and our users, holding webinars challenging our brands to partnering with The Felix Project to help reduce food waste. We want to continue to learn and share this with our users. We want to improve and hit our targets within our four sustainability pillars: Product, Partnerships, People and Planet. The main one being, we are working towards becoming a B Corp business.