Meet Haitham Kalakesh, CEO at Smart Device Provider: Riversong

Haitham Kalakesh

Riversong is a leading provider of smart devices, including the latest wearable technology. As a global brand, they have developed hundreds of products that are present in more than 35 countries, including new offices in London.

Riversong provides high-quality tech for everyday people, with a mission to bring innovative smart devices to everyone, backed by a 2-year guarantee and excellent customer service.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Riversong brings good-quality and yet affordable technology to those who need it. Everyone should have access to wearable tech, it shouldn’t just be for those who have disposable income, but the average man or woman on the street too. And never more so than now, with the rising cost of living, people are really feeling the squeeze. We are enabling these people to still own tech/buy birthday presents for their kids etc, without breaking the bank.

And when money is tight, you need things to last, not break after a couple of uses, that’s why we offer a two-year replacement warranty on all of our products, and are constantly working on developing our technology and products. This all means our customers can buy their products with confidence and won’t be left disappointed.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Riversong has been dominating markets in the UAE, Saudi Arabia South Africa, Morocco and other countries, starting out with smartwatches, ear pods and headphones, they have developed their product offering to include charging cables, power banks and now smart watches, which hold an unbelieveable 2 week charge!

Our commitment to continuous testing and development of our tech has helped us stay ahead of the game, and due to increased demand, we’ve managed to maintain our low costs too.

What can we hope to see from Riversong in the future?

Well, we hope we can scale in the UK and become the brand of choice for affordable wearable tech. There are lots of firms out there, but none who are both good quality and affordable. Pair that with our 2-year warranty and we think we can do it! After that, the world is our oyster!