Meet Henry Wilkinson, Co-Founder at Drop-in, Ahead Of The Opening Of Drop-in Richmond

Meet Henry Wilkinson, Co-Founder at Drop-in, ahead of the grand opening of Drop-in, Richmond.

Tell us about Drop-in and why you were inspired to start the business



Drop-in is an on-demand co-working space that has been built for remote workers.

Clearly, the way we work has changed forever. People now have the flexibility to work in a variety of

 places. Sometimes that may be at home, sometimes in the office and sometimes that’s at a third space – near to where they live – that is neither home nor the office.  Yet they lack options of where they can work in their neighbourhood. The physical infrastructure remains built for a pre-pandemic way of working.

Welcome to your local work club! We are creating a new category of workspace where people have access to professional-grade workspace on their doorstep. A community with best-in-class connectivity, speciality coffee, our community team and light and inspiring places to produce great work.

All of this is accessed on a flexible membership plan with no commitments. Our members can come in every day of the week, for a few hours each day, or a few hours each week. We offer an unmatched level of flexibility and affordability.



 What is it about the flexible working / community co-working space that is of interest to you?


It’s about fulfilling a genuine need and offering something that remote workers want – somewhere to go when the office is too far and home is too close. Our first club in Clapton, for example, has a waiting list and the feedback from our members has been truly amazing. We want to make the workspace a genuine direct-to-consumer offering. Somewhere that is as easy for someone to use as a gym.

Having seen the good, bad and ugly of co-working during a decade working in the sector, I have a sense of where I believe consumers are missing out. Too often, the individual workers are forgotten about and everything is about the corporate. Instead, we focus 100% on the individual. There are no private offices or dedicated desks in our clubs, instead, they are hot desks that are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. And the best bit our memberships are on a no-contract basis. We think that flexibility is king in keeping the modern consumer happy.



What’s next for Drop-in in 2024?


Our second club opens on the 22nd April in Richmond. From there, we have a vision to grow the company into a national retailer. No one has made the way we access workspace into a retail offering. And we believe the mission becomes more exciting the further away from London we go, as the problem solve becomes even greater. As we do this, we will always stay core to our roots; focusing on a productive workspace and great coffee.

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