Meet Jake Posner, Founder at Streetwear Brand: NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, it’s made to not make sense. The slogan I guess sums that up: no one sense made non/sense. When you scratch the surface though, NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING has a much deeper meaning; it comes from my own outlook, on how the world and people work.

There is nearly always an ulterior motive or hidden agenda behind things. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find the answers or look at something from a different perspective.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING was born from a literal dream, formulated by dyslexia and inspired by perceptions. Utilising syllables to process words, which is shown in the product designs.

I remember being a kid and being obsessed with t-shirts, hoodies and trainers. So creating clothing was always something I was keen to do, but I didn’t want to just make clothing, I wanted to tell a story with my brand and for the clothing to be the physical representation of the story.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

NOTA has only been trading since September 2021, but I want NOTA to be seen as a brand that is pioneering and bringing sustainable fashion production into the world of high end fashion. To be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. I want consumers to view NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING as art, where pieces are limited, cherished and displayed on the body with pride.

High end and luxury fashion brands need to become more authentic again. They need to realign with their founding ethos, otherwise the lines will become blurred between what is absent-minded merchandise and what should be truly revered as thoughtful and encapsulating design and craft.

What can we hope to see from NOTA in the future?

From innovating new research and development practices within the supply chain, to presenting new innovative, harm reduction techniques and ideas, to governments and regulators for the fashion industry and beyond; this is one of the key visions for the future of NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING. We need to take care of people who demonstrate creativity, individuality and self expression.

We should ensure these people are given a voice, a platform and a way to display their talent and thought processing. Of course I want to carry on designing clothing and innovating new practices, but I also want NOTA to become a community, whereby people buy into the concept and the vision of the brand as much as they do the products.

Being a dyslexic and failing so badly at school, being thrown out with 1 GCSE at 16 and not knowing where to turn, it was a really difficult stage in my life. Because of this, my dream is to create workshops and spaces for people who struggle at school to attend, to share their creativity and ideas, whether that be in fashion, music, art or whatever else, where we can harness the ideas and help them elaborate on them, to bring them from concept to reality.


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