Meet James Cunningham, CEO & Co-Founder at Cybersecurity Company: Core to Cloud

Core to Cloud is a disruptive innovator in cutting-edge cyber security solutions, co-founded by myself, James Cunningham, and my business partner, Mark Liddle, in 2015.

We specialise in providing bespoke network visibility, validation, governance and control, and incidence response solutions for a growing and expanding portfolio of private and public sector clients; protecting their people, reputations and businesses. Our customers include GFK, Fat Face, University College London and over a quarter of the UK’s NHS Trusts.

Partnering with world leading vendors, we pride ourselves on a first to market approach. We’ve positioned ourselves as one of the UK’s first suppliers of Pentera, Abnormal Security and Immersive Labs technology, and the only UK supplier of Cylera, a global leader in healthcare IoT/HIoT security. Securing our position further, we’ve recently partnered with iboss, one of the world’s most awarded cloud security companies. These strategic partnerships have helped us to become a premier supplier of healthcare cyber security.

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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

In October of 2015, my business partner Mark Liddle and I met for a drink. As busy professionals in the IT Reseller sector, talk naturally turned to work. As the conversation flowed about security, data breaches and how IT lacked that personal customer service – we realised something, we could do it better.

Based on a heightened understanding of what organisations actually want from their cyber support team, Core to Cloud was born. Mark and I used our passion for educating organisations about their cyber health, to build a company that has doubled in size and now works alongside some of the world’s biggest defence solution providers.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Our main aim of providing solutions that our clients need, rather than them using what they think they need, hasn’t changed. We’re continually researching the market and looking for the best solutions for our clients’ growing demands. This approach has seen us grow to be one of the leading cyber security solution providers in the healthcare sector.

Core to Cloud has expanded into other sectors over the past couple of years, on top of healthcare, we’re also working in manufacturing, energy, transport and finance. The focus has been on positioning the business as a leading healthcare specialist, but we’re continually looking at other markets for our partner applications too.

All of this could not have been possible without growing internally first. Workforce numbers doubled during the pandemic and is set to continue to rise.

What can we hope to see from Core to Cloud in the future?

The focus of Core to Cloud in the future will be to keep expanding our product services and a major part of this will be becoming a Managed Service Provider, where we’ll be providing our clients with round the clock cyber support and training through a security managed hub.

We’re continuing to grow our presence within the healthcare industry. Supporting over 50 NHS trusts already, we’re looking to support the entirety of the NHS and provide cyber security services to reduce the risk of disrupting patient care. Lastly, we’ll be continuing to research other market opportunities to open channels for our partner vendors.


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