Meet James Keenan, Senior Content Writer at Residential Proxy Network: Smartproxy

James Smartproxy

Smartproxy is an international company uniting young tech-crazy professionals. Although our legal entity is based in the USA, we are true digital nomads working remotely from different countries.

To put it short, our main product, proxies, mirrors what we truly believe in when it comes to the online world. Namely, all public data should be accessible to everyone. That means providing solutions for businesses’ data-gathering challenges and helping them to earn money from data-informed decisions. On top of that, cybersecurity is of real importance for us. Proxies can ensure anonymity and prevent IP blocks.

Talking more in-depth about proxies, we have a rich tech ecosystem: we offer 40M+ residential proxies from 195+ locations worldwide, 40K+ US private and shared datacenter proxies, and Search Engine Proxies that combine a proxy network, web scraper, and data parser all in one product. At the same time, our R&D team is leveling up the game by creating different apps that you can couple with our proxies for even better performance. They cover such needs as multiple accounts management, proxy list creation, no-code scraping, etc.

But let’s get back to the “public data should be accessible to all” motto because it doesn’t end just with providing proxies. When our customers purchase a subscription plan, we’re proud that they don’t leave completely broke. In their 2021 market research, Proxyway awarded us as the best value provider for keeping the right balance between price and top quality.
Smartproxy Pricing 2022 | G2

What makes Smartproxy stand out from competitors?

As I’ve mentioned above, we seek to give our customers top-notch proxies for a pocket-friendly price. That’s definitely one of the biggest differences from our competitors. Consequently, this also means that we are able to fill the market’s gap and cater from Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses, Instagram hustlers, and even sneakerheads.

Also, we pride ourselves that we don’t do white-collar business. We’re cheeky, fun, and seriously nuts about technology. So from our sales representatives to our customer support team and our blog, you can expect a down-to-earth approach and easy and enjoyable communication. Talking about the customer support team, those proxy geeks are there to answer any proxy question 24/7. And they won’t forget to crack a joke, that’s for sure!


How can businesses use Smartproxy to help them grow?

Well, where do I start… Businesses can use proxies for anything from web scraping; building lists of product names, discounts, descriptions, and whatnot; monitoring prices on the market, gathering relevant data from any search engine; to verifying ads; overcoming geo-restrictions; automating social media; testing affiliates.

Yup, it’s a nice bundle of things to do with proxies! I suggest you pop to our blog and get more inspiration on how to use them.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Truth be told, the pandemic brought us new challenges with new opportunities. We noticed significant growth within e-commerce and cybersecurity markets during the last few years.

As they are one of our top use cases, we saw a great niche for growth there. Thus we continued to invest in our infrastructure and tooling for these verticals. For instance, we launched Search Engine Proxies, a scraping API, that combines a proxy network, web scraper and data parser. This tool with a 100% success rate allows you to gather data from virtually any search engine fuss-free.

Also, recent market trends show that more people turn to no-coding solutions due to a lack of coding skills. That’s why our R&D team created a Smart Scraper that helps collect data without writing a line of code.

What can we hope to see from Smartproxy in the future?

Smartproxy will continue its quest to be the top solution for all data gathering needs! Currently we focus on building tools that not only provide extra benefits for our users, but also bring great user experience. So yes, we’ll stay customer-obsessed while building a stronger tech ecosystem around us.