Meet James Moon, Chief Aviation Officer and Co-Founder at Private Jet Booking Platform: TailHail

TailHail is in essence a private jet hailing/booking platform, however, the technological capacity that the app boasts is far more advanced than anything done in the sector previously. We use a combination of AI and sophisticated algorithms to digitalise what have always been very manual processes within the industry.

Our algorithms allow private jet operators to push real time availability on the platform for a variety of flights from traditional charters to empty legs with our purpose-built Application Programming Interface (API), connecting potential passengers and operators directly and almost instantly.

We have developed an API that enables real time flight bidding for enquiries, significantly reducing time wasted while granting passengers a variety of real time options, offering users a greater sense of control and increased affordability. The platform offers other features such as a proprietary flight mapping geolocator to identify the planes available in nearby airports and their corresponding fares, further facilitating the process of booking a private jet with ease.
TailHail launches free private jet membership to get people flying |  TravelDailyNews International

What do you think makes this company unique?

We are creating technology for this sector which it should have had years ago. Our sector has been left behind and we are bringing new technology to market which will be a constantly evolving process. There are a lot of companies who have claimed the moniker of ‘ the Uber of aviation’, but they do not have the technology to back it up.

Booking a charter is a very manual process; it usually consists of scrolling through PDFs to find a flight that might be of interest. What we are doing is digitalising the process and bringing enhanced connectivity to all stakeholders from operators to passengers, making it easier to understand and increasing transparency.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Commercial aviation has failed to invoke a sense of certainty for many, bringing huge opportunity for the private aviation sector. Private aviation is set to increase by a staggering 50% in 2022vindustry experts, Argus predict, proving to be another record year for the industry; this follows 2021 which experienced a 54% increase on 2020.

Instant bookings and innovative live quoting tools have long been in the works to better service the private aviation industry, Covid 19 has inspired a much-needed overhaul in the way that we fly and has proved a catalyst to drive the change. This drove us to develop the latest iteration of our platform, which consists of very sophisticated technology.

Whilst this was always our objective, it allowed us to secure the necessary funding and backing from our Chair and lead investor Marla Ubhi.

What can we hope to see from TailHail in the future?

The near future of TailHail will see an updated version of our platform readily available in May, withour app being released in mid-May, deploying our cutting-edge tech. The future will also see TailHail offer clients the opportunity to join our flight sharing service, which we believe will further democratise private aviation.

Clients will be able to review and join shared flights, as well as create shared flights for other clients to join. Flight sharing will not only reduce the cost of flying privately but reduce the number of private aircraft flying with empty seats worldwide.