Meet Jamie Kyte, Founder at Kyte Financial Planning & The Retirement Guy

Hey Jamie, tell us about Kyte Financial Planning and The Retirement Guy


They’re very separate businesses and I wouldn’t even call one a business (yet)! Maybe one day it could turn into something, but for the time being, it’s just there to help people.

Kyte Financial Planning is a modern-day financial planning business designed to take the best elements of what I’ve learnt from being at young, forward thinking companies (First Wealth and Buckingham Gate) and bringing them into my own business.

People often think of financial advice as managing investments and selling protection, and whilst that’s a small part of what we do, that’s not what financial planning is about. It’s about finding out why people are the way they are with money, coaching them through their money beliefs, helping them with their estate planning, looking at safe withdrawal rates for retirement and ensuring they’re going to have enough money for the rest of their life (and more).

Within Kyte Financial Planning, I’ve also created a Financial Coaching and Wellbeing programme; where employers can pay for an advisor that is a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Coach and member of the Institute of Financial Wellbeing to come into the workplace and give one-to-one coaching sessions and presentations that are tailored to the needs of the colleagues and employees. This isn’t classed as advice but will allow us to give guidance and information that will plug the ‘advice gap’ and give support to those who wouldn’t normally have access to an advisor.



Now, what’s the ‘advice gap’? Well, this is where people have modest investments that aren’t enough for them to gain access to an adviser and therefore, they’re left on the side-lines, without support or guidance.

That’s where The Retirement Guy comes in! It’s my personal brand and lives on social media platforms (mostly TikTok and Instagram). It’s there to give information and insights to the UK public in video format in a way that is digestible, easy to understand and potentially actionable in the right circumstances.

Whether people engage with me through Kyte Financial Planning or The Retirement Guy, both are platforms to help anyone – whether that be an individual, a company of 50, or millions of people – on a path to financial freedom.



How did you come up with the idea for the companies?


Whilst financial planning isn’t anything new, Kyte Financial Planning is not only financial advice done right, but also is a service that is personable and caters to all. This is crucial, as I feel it is something that so much of the profession is overlooking. However, for me to reach my true potential, I needed to create a company with a 30-year vision that evolves over time.

As for The Retirement Guy, I’ve taken inspiration from so many sources! I once watched a TikTok video where Gary Vaynerchuk (Vee) explained that the fastest growing demographic on TikTok was the 55+ category. Before I started posting, I thought TikTok was a place where people made dance videos and watched cats doing weird things. This couldn’t be further from the truth (well… some of the time)! TikTok is a place where people can educate themselves, watch videos of people flipping high end watches on the streets of New York (a personal favourite of mine) and be inspired by cooking recipes.

Gary Vee also said that the more specific you can be with your market the better, so that’s why I niched in on the topic of retirement. I’ve always been a fan of Martin Lewis, and this is me trying to be a modern-day version of that. I have no idea where this will lead, but one of my 2024 resolutions is to post a piece of video content every working day of the year.



What do you think makes these company unique?


Kyte Financial Planning is unique as it brings so many elements into the financial planning sphere as mentioned above.

As for The Retirement Guy, no one else is doing short form, video content on the topic of pensions and retirement only (as far as I am aware). The content is filmed professionally and addresses subjects that the UK wants answers on.


What can we hope to see from Kyte Financial Planning and The Retirement Guy in the future?


For Kyte Financial Planning, it’s going to be a case of growing in a way that feels right and bringing on board the right people who are aligned with the vision. It would be fantastic if we could bring the Financial Wellbeing and Coaching initiative to 100s of companies in the UK, that would be incredible. For the Financial Advice side of the company, if we could bring on board new employees who understand what proper financial planning is all about, and want to change peoples lives for the better, then we will go from strength to strength.

For The Retirement Guy, I want to have people thinking about retirement in a different way. The idea of retirement is flawed. Too often people don’t think enough about what retirement is going to look like for them, how they’re going to transition to this new stage of their lives and what’s going to give them purpose. Future videos will challenge these out of touch thoughts and hopefully get people working longer in some way shape or form.