Meet Jan Gould, CEO and Co-Founder at Responsive Drip Irrigation, The Company Behind GrowStream

Jan Gould

Responsive Drip Irrigation is a sustainable technology company. We developed GrowStream™, a plant-responsive technology that uses recycled water from a range of water types such as river, well, brackish as well as tap water to increase plant productivity and crop growth.

So far we’ve seen success in the United States, Portugal, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, the UAE and recently began expanding into the UK.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My family, especially my grandchildren. My husband and I have a large family with many grandchildren, whom we love and adore. Over the years, our generation had not always been good stewards of the planet’s resources.

We felt that it was important to accept responsibility for the negative impact that mankind has had on the planet. And one day, when we leave this Earth, we’d like to leave it better than how we started it with because we owe it to them. Our children and grandchildren are the next generation of thinkers, doers, and activists – if we can’t provide them with a safe environment to pursue their goals, how can they achieve them? We owe it to them to be better than we are, and it starts with making sure they have an Earth to give back to.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Covid has had such a tragic effect on people and businesses around the world. We became a virtual world, connected with people by a computer screen. We have expanded globally and are working with people in many countries that are in different time zones.

We were all forced to reassess our priorities and then try to find a path forward after the devastation left by Covid.

What can we hope to see from Responsive Drip Irrigation in the future?

With GrowStream™, our number one goal is to create awareness of the planet’s limited resources and utilize GrowStream™ and other new innovations to create improved methods and best practices that will provide not only a sustainable future but also begin to regenerate these resources. GrowStream™ radically changes how we produce food through crop growing by maximizing our use of water rather than relying on agriculture practices that are harmful to the environment.

By using GrowStream™ farmers can save 30-50% more water versus drip to conserve our world’s most valuable resource. We hope to see GrowStream™ as a solution to the food scarcity and world hunger problems that continue to cripple our globe.